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‘Good Sorts’ at the right place, at the right time

On a fairly normal shopping day Rawi Brewster from Jack Boyd Drive headed off on a recent Tuesday to Whangarei – where all the bargains are – in a Mercedes she had only owned for three weeks.

She visited Sterling Sports, K Mart then needed cash from the AtM. On gathering her cash, the next thing she heard was a loud bang and woke up to find a very concerned crowd standing around her and someone calling for an ambulance. The loud bang was her head or body hitting the K Mart window. Her first response on regaining consciousness was she ‘could really do with a coffee.’

Just before entering the ambulance an elderly gentleman came to her aid with a coffee and asked where she was from and if she had friends or family who could help. It turned out that the elderly couple were also Mangawhai people from Old Waipu Road. While Rawi went off to be checked she handed her car keys to the couple who then drove it safely to her home and parked it. Two days later Rawi, back on deck though still awaiting results of medical tests, called to thanks the couple who are now firmly attached to her Christmas card list. “It’s events like these you can never really prepare for,” says Rawi “but that’s when you find the goodness and caring in people and I was just so lucky that these ‘Good Sorts’ were at the right place at the right time to help me.”

She’s not allowed to drive for three months but can still be seen having a roll-up at Mangawhai Bowling Club.

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