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Aristocrete gives concrete that special treatment

aristocrete-732Concrete can put a finish on almost any building operation these days be it internal or external. Now Aristocrete can put that extra finish on concrete.

Kaiwaka Couple Paul and Lynda Loughnane have imported a decorative concrete process used in the USA for over 30 years.

The process uses specialised diamond cutting tools, stencils and enviromentally friendly colours to artistically enhance existing concrete. Currently available in New Zealand are mostly earth tones for coloured concrete choices. The colours are now endless with stains and dyes to enhance your concrete structures.

The process can be as simple as refreshing the colour on a faded residential drive or pool, industrial entrance or as expansive as engraving designs and logos for shops, commercial ventures and artistic finishes on existing foot-paths and parks, and can be used inside or out.

Some of the most popular designs are turning slab concrete into coloured pavers, brick designs with borders, a compass rose or a picture of your favour-ite hobby. The choices are endless.

Aristocrete also of-fer the ability to protect your concrete with an invisible penetrating sealer that protects against water and oil-based staining, water borne salts, gas spills and grease and is the chosen protectant for existing concrete. This will prolong the life of your concrete.

Wear and tear of concrete is not noticed but that fine layer on the top of your aggregate concrete is con-stantly wearing away. This penetrating treatment creates a bonded hydropho-bic lining to the pores of the concrete creating a long lasting, invisible protective barrier. This densifier is a separate treatment and does not show at all or brighten the concrete. It is purely for protection and ease of cleaning stains.

Paul and Lynda have spent considerable time in proving the system to their complete satisfaction. They imported some of the system six years ago but this year decided to go full-time into this exciting new venture attend-ing training with the designers and makers of this process in USA. Now im-porting the systems into New Zealand, the options for eco-friendly products and bright distinct colours create an exciting change.

This system of concrete engraving has proven to be very cost effective in the USA and meets New Zealand industry safety standards.

Aristocrete do not lay concrete. This is a concrete decorative service to enhance the finish which is applied once the initial concrete slab is laid.

“We are able to offer a number of designs,” says Lynda “or adapt whatever design, pattern or motif the customer wants to fit their situation. Each job is priced individually.”

A local example of their work can be seen at Small Poppies preschool centre in Kaiwaka where the parking area has been considerably enhanced by the design around the edging while the concrete ‘enlivening’ process will protect the base from oil stains. „ For contact details see advertisement this page.

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