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Tipplers keen to try new brew


sail rock beer tasting(copy)Late afternoon on Labour weekend Saturday saw some of the more discerning locals and visitors heading to Sail Rock Cafe for a beer tasting, courtesy of independent Hawkes Bay brewery Filter Room Ale and Cider House.

Products from the Filter Room have been here before and, buoyed by a growing reputation and demand for their product featured two popular lines – their Czeckoslovakian Pilsner and a ginger beer fusion.

The pilsner undergoes a long, slow pasteurisation in it’s brewing process making it crisp and clean to the palate and very easy to drink and is available on tap at Sail Rock. The ginger beer is equally palatable. With an infusion of mandarin, ice and at 4% alcohol content this is a great late summer afternoon tipple.

Another feature product of the brewery is it’s cider, also on tap. This little number is so good it has even won competitions against some of the traditional cider-making countries in the world. Irish salesman Larry Culleton admits to having a foot in both camps when it comes to judging the merits of the company’s product against it’s Irish counterpart, but global competition results put the Kiwi brew at the top of the class and growing popularity proves the Kiwis have discerning tastes and know when they’re onto a good thing.

Filter Room ales are now finding their mark in a number of up-market restaurants and bars in the city. The label is not available in supermarkets but can be purchased online or pop into Sail Rock Cafe for a quick tasting.

TOP CLASS: Brewery salesman Larry Culleton (second from left) and Sail Rock Cafe owner Margaret Fish (second from right) enjoying the product with Auckland visitors.
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