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Road signs alert drivers that kiwi crossing


Signs alerting drivers to the possibility that kiwi may be on a road at night are common throughout New Zealand along roads passing through or close to kiwi habitats. Such signs have recently been erected on six roads near the Brynderwyns in the Mangawhai area.

After three separate kiwi walked nearly 6km to the north, east, and west of Marunui Conservation and one crossed Cove Road to Bream Tail Farm, director Catherine Hawley approached Kaipara District Council to ask for warning signs to be put on local roads.

“We were delighted to receive an immediate response from Henri van Zyl, Kaipara’s roading manager, advising that Council fully supported the initiative.”

Staff contracted from MWH and Transfield

Services identified the best locations – Cove Rd, King Rd, Kapawiti Rd, Tara Rd, Pebblebrook Rd and Brown Rd and the signs were soon in place. Ms Hawley said it was very apt that their installation coincided with Save Kiwi Month organ-ised by the Kiwis for Kiwi Trust.

The reflective yellow signs with the familiar kiwi symbol and the words ‘Caution at Night’ are highly visible.

“Now that we have 36 adult birds, we are ex-pecting them to explore new territories in the Brynderwyns and this may involve crossing local roads,” said Celia Walker, Marunui’s kiwi coordinator.

“Night time is when kiwi are active so we hope local residents and their visitors will keep a lookout as they drive along.”

Celia’s son Lewis (7) said he hopes the signs will make cars go slower and people care about the kiwi.

Meanwhile, at Marunui several kiwi are

nesting. During October Rangiora and Anzac hatched eggs.

This was Anzac’s first nest and the moment his first chick emerged has been captured by a night vision camera. Check out the video on YouTube at youtu.be/33cymS7kHXs.

The Department of Conservation earlier this year mapped the area as one of high kiwi density and with three more nests due to hatch soon the Brynderwyns kiwi population is set to grow.

„ Dogs are a big threat to kiwi and not permitted to enter Marunui at all. Nor should they be taken on the Tanekaha Forest Track or the Falls Track which lead from King Road into the DOC Reserve adjacent to Marunui. The co-operation of all dog owners, including pig hunters, is requested.
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