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Mangawhai Probus - Chilean national day a highlight for speaker


New members
President Ron Lawrence had the very pleasant duty of inducting Gerd Martin as a new member into the club.
Helen and Ken McGillivray from the Wairarapa have now settled in Mangawhai and whilst visiting this time, they decided to continue their membership of Probus.

Retirees settle in Mangawhai
Annette Sicely introduced Anne Howard as the mini speaker. Anne spoke of her life in England and early memories as a child of air raids in World War II.  She started work at 16, married Mike when 17 and they have two children.
They decided to immigrate to New Zealand in 1964, arriving in Welliington on a particularly wet day and then overnight on the train to Auckland. Whilst they already had family here, they were initially homesick, however, developed good friendships and established themselves in New Zealand.
At time of retirement they decided to settle in Mangawhai. Anne enjoys her art and her involvement in Probus, including some time on the committee. We look forward to seeing more of Anne and Mike at Probus meetings.

Lynda Wintle talks South America
Following afternoon tea, Lynda Wintle spoke of their trip to South America covering Brazil, Argentina and Chile – a very interesting and diverse continent.

The trip started in Rio de Janeiro with its stunning beaches, Cocacabana and Ipanema being the most famous, and backed by hills covered with lush tropical vegetation. The whole city is dominated by the statue of Christ the Redeemer on top of Mount Corcovado. Whilst Rio has many wealthy people it also has many slums or favelas, crowded with migrants who have come from the countryside to find work. 
Next stop was Iguassu Falls situated where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet and are the largest falls in the world.

From there to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina which used to be known as the Paris of South America.  However, nowadays it has fallen on hard times due to the political and economic situation. They visited Casa Rosada which is the palace that Eva Peron addressed her adoring public.

Argentina is of course also known for the tango and gauchos, the famous cowboys of Argentina. Then to Mendoza and a 12 hour drive across the spectacular Andes Mountains to Chile, a flight to Puerto Montt in Southern Chile for a cruise amongst the fjords and northern ice fields of Patagonia. They were also fortunate to be part of Chilean national day with locals dressing in national dress and enjoying a typical Chilean meal followed by local dances and much celebrating. 

Then it was back to Santiago in Chile which is surrounded by the snow capped Andes Mountains. It is possibly one of the safest cities in South America. Chile is the envy of other South American countries and its prosperity is obvious. , ?
South America is a challenging part of the world to travel in and has more than its share of political and economic troubles, however, it is a stunningly beautiful, interesting and rewarding part of the world to visit.

Next meeting
The next Probus meeting is the mid-winter Christmas lunch to be held at Riverside Park on Black Stump Road, June 20 at 12 noon. Cost is $10 per person. Visitors are welcome but members and visitors must contact Beve Smith so we know the number attending.
If you require transport please contact Petronella Brom (431 4700) or Beve Smith (431 5777) or would like to know more about Probus go to www.probussouthpacific.org or contact Ron and Gaylene Lawrence (431 5617).
- Gaylene Lawrence, Secretary


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