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Mangawhai Domain Society Updates


Gala Day summary
This years’ Gala Day was a huge success for the Domain, stallholders and the thousands of visitors that came through. We managed to raise nearly $40,000 in donations and fundraising this year – an outstanding effort from everyone.

Funds raised are so important for the running of the Domain, a community owned facility, keeping the facility running on a day-to-day basis with grounds and building maintenance, with money also put towards projects to improve the facilities.

Committee update
President Mark Gash and Gala coordinator John Dickie have stepped down from their roles after several years of dedicated service.

Mark has been on the committee (in various roles) for more than 13 years. He has put much time and energy into his committee roles, and also looking after our grounds and building. His wealth of knowledge and input will be a great loss. Thanks also to Mark’s partner Yvonne and family for allowing him to spend so much time at the Domain over the years, keeping it running smoothly. We truly appreciated Marks efforts and dedication.

John Dickie has been a dedicated member on the committee for more than seven years – an outstanding effort. Most of this time has been spent as Gala coordinator. Under his guidance the Gala has grown immensely and improved each year. We are grateful to John for his passionate work to make each Gala Day such a success. We would like to thank his partner Rita for allowing him to put his heart and soul into his role.

If you would like to be part of this wonderful team that helps looks after the Domain and put together our annual Gala Day, please let us know, we would welcome your interest.

Have your say
We are asking for expressions of interest from sports clubs and the general public as to what they and the community would like to see in the future for this wonderful space. If you have some great ideas please put pen to paper and send to us, we would love to hear what you have to say. Email mangawhaigala@gmail.com, or write to Mangawhai Domain Society Inc, PO Box 118, Mangawhai 0540.

- Di Rous, Mangawhai Domain Society secretary
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