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Designer running idea up flag pole


Ron Davidson with flag-270A distinctive flag design has been spotted flying high at Uretiti, Stanmore Bay and Auckland Central over the Christmas and New Year break.

An internationally recognised brand-building expert and designer, Ron Davidson has long held a desire to reinvigorate New Zealand’s national flag and spent a large part of 2014 developing his own design recommendation.

Waipu land owner Ron explained that this is the year all kiwis will be invited to share their opinion on whether it is time for a new, more relevant and appealing New Zealand flag.

“I am passionate about a change of design for our national flag and I am especially determined that my design be the answer to that,” he says.

Ron’s design is one driven by a single, powerful New Zealand icon, the Koru, set within strong horizontal lines representing the land and the sea. The colours are predominantly black and white supported by blue and teal adding freshness and vitality.

Ron’s flag has already been shown as part of flag-related exhibitions in Devonport and Rawene, with the Beehive in Wellington being the next destination.

Feedback to date has been very positive and he is looking forward to the upcoming flag referendums and some continued healthy debate as he embarks on a wider nationwide promotion of his specific design recommendation.

The Flag Referendum Bill, which sets out rules and requirements for the upcoming referendums, passed its first reading in Parliament on March 12 by a 76 to 43 vote.

Before the referendums, a Flag Consideration Panel will invite flag designs and suggestions.

Voters will then rank four selected designs in the first referendum in December. The winner of that vote will go against our current flag for the most preferred in the second referendum around March 2016.

If an alternative flag is chosen it will become the official New Zealand flag.

n What’s your opinion on the New Zealand flag? Send a letter to the editor info@mangawhaifocus.co.nz and we’ll share your views.

RON DAVIDSON: Passionate about a new national flag and is taking his design on the road.
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