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What has the NZ Government done for Northland?


Tough times mean tough decisions. I ask you, what has the NZ Government done for Northland?

We have high unemployment, poor roading, a lack of infrastructure, and still we wait for central government to give Northland its fair share of the tax take.

Northland contributes strongly to the economy and yet we are left to our own devices while central government works on roads in areas that have the self-perpetuating result of attracting higher and higher traffic volumes and more and more money to solve it.

It’s time to stop.

Question: What would happen if the $6 billion earmarked for Auckland’s roads were diverted into health and education and other areas?


1. People would opt to follow that investment to those other areas of New Zealand, Auckland would be less congested and the NZ population may realize that we have options outside the congested city.

2. We could put together a 50 year plan which would rationalize our shipping ports, rail lines, and airports. This is urgent as millions of dollars are wasted while different authorities wrestle with their own parochial dreams that are not rationalised alongside a NZ-wide strategy or plan. Once that decision is made, let’s get on and do it.

3. Instead of being on a waiting list waiting to die you would get attention. Instead of selling everything you have to go overseas for treatment we would be able to afford to bring the technology here.

4. We could stop taxing the pension. It is an immoral tax placed on their well-deserved pension they paid for with their tax. A tax on tax is not right.

5. Cut the GST on rates – another tax on tax. All that does is capture 15% of the council income into central government. It’s time to stand up to this rubbish.

6. Education would blossom with the extra money – more early childhood opportunities and a much more seamless education right through to employment.

7. Whangarei and the North would grow and unemployment would come down.

8. Drop the tax rate to a flat 20%. This would bring simplicity and research shows revenue would increase. (Refer “Lafer Curve”)

9. We would definitely abandon all the mad asset sales.

10. We could invest in research and development and move NZ innovation, industry, and manufacturing out in front.

11. We could bring in a carry tax and stop people trading in NZ dollars for overnight offshore gains.

12. Throw out the TTPA agreement that has been hatched behind closed doors. These agreements under the guise of freedom of trade will be the very things that land us in the world court on some trivial matter that some trading partner would

promote for their own benefit. Lets stay neutral and offer quality exports to the world.

If you want to see change in Northland, you need to look at different options. Focus NZ party is intent on getting into parliament and making central government accountable and responsive. Who allows the endless regulation that invades everyone’s lives? Will no one stand up and say no. The way our government is working these days it often comes down to the vote of one or two. This could be our chance and I reckon change is in the wind and that is why I am putting my hand up as a candidate this year. We need common sense in parliament.

Who’s brave enough to support change for Whangarei & Northland?

n Les King – Focus NZ candidate for Whangarei.



Les King

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