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Dollars from donuts


Donut makers at MBS-457
Mangawhai Beach School’s Community Problem Solving Group is really cooking – literally.

Fresh from their Wheels Day featured in the last issue of the Focus, the group has turned to making donuts as they tackle their latest challenge set by group leader and teacher Mrs Gore: Mangawhai Activity Zone (MAZ) is not being funded by the Government.

Selling donuts was the brainchild of ten-year-old room 11 student Josh Perkinson.

“My family had just bought a donut maker so I thought for the second activity we could sell one hundred donuts for fifty cents each to add fifty dollars to the cause. I would sell two donuts for $1 and you could buy up to six donuts.”

A handsome return for MAZ funds he reckoned.

With his parents away on business his aunt arranged to come and stay for a few days so it was decided to sell the donuts on the last day of term so she could help out.

That was good thinking – when order forms went out to classrooms Josh quickly realised demand was easily going to out-strip his expected supply.

More and more orders came in, then more, and as ‘D-day’ neared Josh realised he had around 800 donuts to make.

Then the problem-solving really began: How much flour will this take? How many trays of eggs? How many people could he enlist to help? How many donut makers was he going to need, and how many could he plug in before he blew the fuses on the switchboard?

This was going to take a big effort by a lot of people.

“It took four hours to finish cooking all of the donuts,” said Josh. “We bagged them in line so we could easily find our customers by room number. At 1pm we had masses of children waiting for their donuts. It was a mad rush to handle the money, find the right orders, have enough room and get kids out!”

CRAZY COOKS: A big team of helpers contributed to the whole process. Josh Perkinson (in front holding tongs) says a big thanks to all helpers and donut customers for their generosity.
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