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Donations put back into community



14 MF-WWndfunds copy-131Donations from people enjoying the area’s wild landscape, natural beauty, and local cuisine and wine, has recently been gifted to three local organisations.

Funds received from the annual Mangawhai Walking Weekend and Food and Wine Festival 2017 has been divvied up and presented to Mangawhai Volunteer Fire Brigade, local Scouts and Mangawhai Tracks Charitable Trust, by Walking Weekend co-ordinator Dorothy Freeman on July 13.

“These funds resulted from another very successful and entertaining weekend,” said Dorothy. “We would like to thank all the participants as without your support these funds would not be available to our worthy organisations.”

For five years Mangawhai-Kaiwaka Scouts have been involved, taking some pressure off organisers by helping with parking and car-pooling, cleaning up and also providing the use of their tents over the three-day event.

Scout leader Jenny Webb says the $1000 donation will be spent on safety equipment, enabling the troupe to trek further into the bush and experience the challenges required to achieve accredited awards.

“Mangawhai-Kaiwaka Scouts this year saw Hamish Ferguson, Jade Tornquist and Eliana Kerrigan achieve their Chief Scout Award,” Webb says. “This would not have happened without the support of the community and the financial help they have received.”

Officer in Charge, Rob Leslie, says the $3000 donated to Mangawhai Volunteer Fire Brigade will be added to the tally of their current fundraising initiative – a building to house the brigade’s support van and other vehicles.

“There seems to be some confusion within our community that we are raising funds to build a whole new fire station but this not the case,” he says. “Fire and Emergency New Zealand will build and pay for a basic building and amenities on land provided by KDC… but this won’t be big enough to house all the brigade’s vehicles as only Fire and

Emergency New Zealand vehicles will be catered for. The support van in particular is owned by the brigade and must therefore be housed at the brigade’s cost. We envisage a four metre extension will need to be added on to the basic building… a significant cost to the brigade, hence the current fundraising effort.”

Friends of the Brigade are also set to launch their latest fundraising initiative for the new building, Buy A Fire Brick. All donators will have their names engraved onto a plaque which will be mounted within the new fire station once completed.

Chair of the Tracks Trust, Gordon Hosking, says the organisation, which creates and maintains the areas many walking trails, is very grateful for the ongoing support from the Walking Weekend Trust.

“As our major funding contributor we look to support the event with the development of new and maintenance of existing walking and cycling tracks,” he says. “While our recent efforts have been focused on extending the Tanekaha Track complex in the Brynderwyns, this funding of $9000 will go towards the significant cost of materials for a planned boardwalk link between Back Bay and the Pearson Street Reserve as part of the round-the-harbour walkway.”

Freeman says dates for the 19th annual Walking Weekend in 2018 have been set for March 16-18 with the promise of exciting new walks to go with the very popular events from last year.

Orange is also the new colour for the weekend, with bright, brimmed shade-hats worn by volunteers in this year’s event, allowing walkers to easily identify representatives in keeping with stringent health and safety rules. Funded through a Pub Charity grant, the hats are also available for any community groups to borrow to help with health and safety i.e. Mangawhai Gala and Club to Pub race.

“We run this event with the help of many volunteers, if you would like to help, we would love to hear from you, please call me.”

Contact Dorothy at 431 5950 or for more information visit mangawhaiwalking.co.nz


BIG BUCKS: From left, Walking Weekend coordinator Dorothy Freeman; Tracks Trust chair Gordon Hosking and treasurer Roger Ashford; Scouts Brenda Ferguson, Manaia-Lee and Bayden Puke, Gareth Ferguson with Scout leaders Jenny Webber and Bruce Ferguson; and Mangawhai Fire Station’s Officer-in-Charge, Rob Leslie.

“We would like to thank all the participants as without your support these funds would not be available to our worthy organisations.”

- Dorothy Freeman

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