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Public education big focus of local brigade


Mangawhai Fire Volunteer Fire Bridge has had a busy end to 2013 and a very active start to 2014.

“Toward the end of the year we have focused on some training which has prepared us for the upcoming hot and dry weather and undertaking additional specialist training in the use of compressed air foam fire attack,” says brigade training officer Mike McEnaney.

“As a brigade we are one of the few in Northern who have such specialist ability so the chance for the whole brigade to refresh and have some new training was invaluable."

The commitment shown by the brigade was clear when they spent all day on a December training course and then the next day tidying up and re-commissioning their equipment.

"In terms of our role of promoting good fire safety and educating the public, brigade members have been extremely active over the holiday period," Mike said.

"Our big hit during this period is the summer carnival. This year we had the use of a kitchen fire demonstrator which we are able to show the public how to deal with a small kitchen fire and a few actions that you should never do in the best interest of your own safety."

The brigade set up an information stall where they gave out fire safety and alarm advice and promotional pamphlets and brochures., talking with the public about good fire safety practice especially relating the rural setting and how to keep your property safe.

"Even with all of our effort into fire safety education fire incidents and their timing are always unpredictable,” says Mike, with the brigade having to respond to a bush fire right in the middle of their Summer Gala presentation.

"Emergency incidences and responses have committed members quite a lot over the last month with a large variety of calls attended.”

The brigade is still actively collecting scrap metal from homes around Mangawhai, part of their effort to buy equipment for their new operational support vehicle. Anyone wishing to donate scrap metal or contribute to the volunteer efforts please contact the Chief Fire Officer on 027 339 4237.

■ The brigade would like to remind visitors and locals to call 111 if you have any concerns as to the possibility of a fire.


EMERGENCY: A boy watches on as, sirens sounding, a Mangawhai fire truck is dispatched to a suspicious fire call last week.

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