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Letters to the Editor


Keep your distance
To change the subject from previous correspondents today I would like to touch on the subject of our cell tower in the middle of Mangawhai. Is this tower a blessing or a curse, I let you decide.

I have to admit that this cell tower is a financial blessing to those who sold or hired out this land to those who own the tower. But here is where the blessing ends if you read the rest of my submission.

As usual we are 20 years behind with all good or evil invention coming from overseas. The legislation on EMF radiation and effects on humans and any other living things is sadly 30 years out of date. It has been stated many times in the last 30 years that if electro-magnetic field (EMF) radio frequency does not burn you – like a microwave oven would or if the door was left open or was leaking – all is fine. Just the other day I went with my meter right below this cell tower, which is said to be of low power, and my meter told me that the radiation was above 6 volt peak power which equates to roughly 100,000 microwatts per square meter.

To understand what these figures mean, we have to go to places where real guidelines exist to protect the wider public. In Austria, for instance, they have Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines. You can load these down online. We can see for instance in Salzburg the guidelines for radiation limits outside living quarters are 10 microwatts per square meter and in your bedroom just 1 microwatt per square meter and a general emission level of 0.6 volts equal to 955 microwatts per square meter, say close to a cell tower. These are the official guidelines. Now you can see what we are up against by just comparing these figures. All this equally applies to smart meters which are now installed all over the place.

There have now been hundreds of studies finding non-thermal effects from modern wireless communication signals, which means that the measurement systems needs to be re-addressed to suit much lower signal levels and very different characteristics. People who maintain and insist there is nothing to worry about are paid by the power companies, or possibly totally ignorant.

Be informed that this kind of EMF radiation diminishes with distance but when I read my meter more than 500 meters away from the cell tower it still reads about 400 microwatts per square meter. The towers on the hills in Mangawhai along the beach about 2km away from my place still radiate about 50 microwatts per square meter into my place.

What can you expect as far as your health is concerned? Much depends on the distance between the person and a cell tower, or a smart meter and the resistance of your body. But generally you can expect headaches, dizziness, short term memory loss, a fussy head, irritability, itchiness, aches, sleep disturbance, heart rate changes, thyroid conditions, tinnitus and many more. Both children and adults can suffer.

What are the long-term health problems from cell towers and wireless smart meters? Long term and high level exposure to similar radiation is linked with cancers and neurological diseases similar to what we already had in Massey (West Auckland) years ago with residential housing directly under high tension power lines causing leukaemia in children.

You can, of course, protect yourself in many different ways.

Olaf Raasch

Public being manipulated

Re "No one wins from a split community" by Commissioner John Robertson (Mangawhai Focus, December 21).

These 'commissioners' seem to believe that, by their utterances, they can psychologically manipulate and control our thoughts, opinions and attitudes and thereby our decision-making processes and our acceptence of the terms they dictate. 
The scary thing is that they can, and they are. Be manipulated, be distracted and divided. Be ruled. Beware!

The people of Mangawhai are not fools. Let us not forget that it is us who are the innocent party, whose democratically elected representative local government has been 'disappeared' while the Ministers of Parliament responsible for administering and enforcing the checks and balances as written into the Local Government Act (that should have prevented the Mangawhai EcoCare rates debacle ) have completely escaped scrutiny by the fourth estate, and the other organs of the state that are supposed to protect us.

New Zealand is undergoing a Friedmanist Neoliberal takeover. These commissioners are the agents charged with implementing this transition. The Single Unitary Authority being proposed for Northland is their end game and although it is being presented for 'consultation', achieving compromised outcomes for their corporate masters is not in their brief. It is a fait accompli.

There is nothing to say that fascism can't happen here in New Zealand. Indeed it already is.

We shall remember them.

Alan Preston

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