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Art and design ‘my thing’ says Sarah


GALLERY: Sarah C creates artworks on a variety of surfaces.

Mangawhai-based artist, Sarah C, has been painting, creating and designing throughout her life. Her artwork is in private collections both in New Zealand and internationally as well as public pieces displayed throughout the country.

Sarah’s Mothers people travelled from Newcastle to Mangawhai in the early 1900's. Her Maori ancestry flows down through her fathers family and comes from the Coromandel and Ngati Porou. 

Born in Warkworth in the mid 70's Sarah spent her childhood and teenage years in Mangawhai Heads. This was a time when bachs were made of fibrolite and the term ‘yellow  dots’ was a reference to the townies who came up for the summer.

Both the Coromandel and Northland regions have played a huge part in the inspiration of Sarah C artworks. Long summer days and relaxed beach living are common themes. Sarah has recently returned to live in Mangawhai Heads along with her partner Colin, and Belle the family pet who is not too good at painting but loves to greet visitors.

 The old 1970s road-side stall in Thelma Road South was originally used to sell garden produce, but has been tastefully converted into a small gallery space to show the Sarah C range of artworks. The gallery space retains the same old cladding, concrete floor and benches – the rustic timber interior contrasting well with Sarah’s modern, colourful artworks. Customers are welcome to visit by appointment.

With a vast diversity of media from indoor canvas pieces to outdoor corrugated iron and gloss panels, there’s sure to be a piece that will enhance any bach or home.

Sarah mainly sells her artwork through a network of galleries and gift shops. The gallery space in Thelma Road shows a variety of end-of-line seconds and sample pieces. These may have minor defects and cannot be sold via the internet or through the retail network. If there is a specific piece you would like to view, with a little prior notice Sarah can have it ready for your visit.

Check for the Sarah C Art signs along the causeway for open times or call 0275 72 72 42 for an appointment. See www.sarah.co.nz to read more.

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