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KDC submission against sand mining progresses



24 Feb, 2022


Sandmining MR Mayor-472The Kaipara District Council (KDC) submission against two resource consent applications by McCallum Bros Limited (McCallum) for sand mining along the Mangawhai-Pakiri embayment, progressed today with the decision for Kaipara mayor Dr Jason Smith to represent Council at the upcoming Resource Consent Hearing.

Mayor Smith said he is “very passionate about this subject” and that Council is doing well in this space.

“I’m damned proud that KDC is standing up again in a space so important to our community. The resource consent processes are the best tool we have for making our voice heard on this subject. I’m happy to be supporting this recommendation and the submission which has been made,” he said.

McCallum applied for resource consent to continue extracting sand from the seabed between the 5m and 10m isobaths (indicates the location and depth the sand may be dredged to), using a trailer suction dredge within the Coastal Marine Area offshore from Pakiri Beach along 10.8km of the shoreline. The proposed annual extraction volume is up to 76,000cu m over any consecutive 12-month period, limited to a maximum of 15,000cu m over any consecutive 30-day period.

McCallum has also applied for resource consent to extract sand from between the 15m and 25m isobaths, along 10.4km of the Pakiri Beach shoreline. The proposed extraction volumes include an annual average of up to 125,000cu m over any consecutive five-year period, and a maximum rate of 150,000cu m over any 12-month period.

The Auckland-based and family-owned company is seeking a 35-year consent for these activities.

KDC’s submission opposing both applications, pertains to actual or perceived adverse effects on the Mangawhai Sandspit’s form, wildlife habitat of nationally critical or vulnerable bird species, and on the local Mangawhai community. To assist next steps Council has confirmed mayor Smith as the delegate to speak to this submission as part of the associated hearing.

During an October 2021 meeting, Council provided delegation to the Kaipara mayor, one other Elected Member, and the chief executive to approve submissions. Using the subsequent delegation, a submission was approved by the mayor, Councillor Wethey, and the chief executive and subsequently lodged. Submissions on these publicly notified applications closed on December 10, 2021, prior to the final December Council meeting.

Commercial sand extraction along the Mangawhai-Pakiri embayment commenced in 1953. The most recent consent application for extraction in the Northland Region was declined by the Environment Court in 2005 due to concerns about the adverse effects on the Mangawhai Spit (morphology, wildlife habitat, and local community) as well as impacts on natural character. These concerns were raised again in 2005 by the campaign group (consisting of local community groups, iwi groups, environmental organisations and KDC) in the Environment Court process for the resource consent application for extraction in the Auckland Region, but that judge ruled in favour of the consent being granted.

The date for the resource consent hearing with Auckland City Council has not been confirmed.


Managawhai’s coastline, renowned for pristine nature, is under threat from sand mining. PHOTO/SUPPLIED


“I’m damned proud that KDC is standing up again in a space so important to our community.”

– Dr Jason Smith, Kaipara mayor

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