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Good future for popular boar hunt


IMG 5413(copy)Point Curtis Cruising Club members should be well pleased with their fundraising effort over this year’s Boar Hunt. The club was thrilled with 150 ticket sales, well up on the one hundred who participated last year in the boar hunt, snapper and eel fishing, and possum and pheasant shoot.

An extended three-day competition this year attracted more pig hunters from further afield, better able to get their catch in by weigh-in time when the Three Furlongs Hotel carpark at Kaiwaka was filled with participants, supporters and onlookers.

Chief organiser Vic Birkenhead worked tirelessly spreading the word and organising a total of 40 sponsors from both near and far who came up with a total prize package of over $10,000. Major sponsor for the third year on end was Game Gear New Zealand owned by Joel and Sharon Dickson, now based in Te Puke.

With raffles and spot prizes, everyone had a shot at taking a little something home.

Kids had a great time trapping possums and such an activity, in the company of parents, is good education in firearms training and safety. Eel fishing holes must have been replenished as, after the few stringy ones caught last year some real beauties were reeled in this time, a number weighing over 4kg with a monster at 7.7 kg landed by little Reid Schrafft.

The two heaviest snapper were landed by Andrew Kenny. Both could have been competition winners anywhere at 9.4kg and 7.75kg. Yes, folks, the big fellas are still out there.

In all, 18 pigs were weighed in and while the majority were around the 40kg mark, there were three that tipped the scales close to 70kg.

Proving it’s not just a ‘guy’ thing, the winning boar was caught by Holly Andrews at Broadwood and weighed in at 71.5kg. Second was Simon Walker of Te Hapua with a 70kg beast caught at Waitangi Forest. One big fella caught locally was too late for weigh-in but was sporting some great ivory and would certainly have figured among the tusk prizes.

The pigs and excess fish were auctioned after prize giving by Dave Lincoln adding some more fun to the day and more dollars to the coffers.

The Hotel put on a sausage sizzle, spit roast and music for those who wanted to stay awhile and bask in their success or tell hard-luck stories.

Funds raised from the weekend will go towards improving the car park at Rangiora Rd boat ramp. Club Commodore Wayne Leslie was high in praise of local sponsors and supporters ensuring a good future for the event.

By Rob Pooley
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