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Something old, something new for Mangawhai


antiques roadshow(copy)For years we’ve watched the well-loved TV series Antiques Roadshow, divulging the secrets, stories and anecdotes which form part of keepsakes or collections. The interest in the monetary, historical, emotional and sentimental value sometimes makes the show compulsive viewing.

Last week the local equivalent came to Sail Rock Café in Mangawhai.

“It was an idea.” says owner Margaret Fish. “Something different and something that may generate interest during a quiet time of the year but that could, if interest warranted, become a regular event.”

Margaret’s list showed a steady procession of over 50 treasure-wielding hopefuls coming forward with keepsakes and mementos for assessment and discussion, many with their own particular stories of some obscure routes which have led to their current ownership.

Professional Auckland assessor Max Campbell, together with son Logan, examined a range of items from silverware and jewellery to crockery, ceramics, art, tapestry, lamps, dolls, toys, photographs and almost anything which owners held dear yet may be prepared to part with at the right price.

Campbell was very complimentary of the organisation of the event which began before the scheduled 2pm and ran through until 7pm without a break. The major interest, he said, was in the calibre and variety of the articles that came forward which included a lead shot from a slingshot in the Roman army, probably 2000-years-old, and a 200-year-old Georgian ivory and horn sewing box.

Many, with the aid of the internet, had done their own research but still wanted an independent expert appraisal. Some owners had a keen eye for antiques while others had simply picked up odds and ends at craft shows or garage sales simply from an interest point of view.

A number of larger items unable to be presented kept the valuers busy most of the following day as well as they inspected ‘in-house’.

Overall a successful venture and one expected to create further interest if held again.


CURIOUS: Assessor Max Campbell and son Logan cast their eye over a range of items at Mangawhai’s own antiques roadshow.

By Rob Pooley
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