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Letters to the Editor


Ratepayers cheated
For five years of the war my grandparents and an aunt lived under the Nazi jackboot during the German occupation of the Channel Islands. Like all non-German residents they lost their civil rights, endured censorship and curfews and mindless propaganda. Some of the most horrific war crimes were against the mostly Slav prisoners of war who were worked to death building coastal fortifications, but the Nazis never sold their parks and reserves out of pettiness.

What we are witnessing in the Kaipara now is a form of dictatorship, not nearly as bad as the Nazi's but it is revenge pettiness to punish the ratepayer public the commissioners have tried to brand as villains, while at the same time the real villains of this fracas have been left unpunished.

We have a government that has bailed out a major South Island finance company to the tune of hundreds of millions but has made no gesture or hint of coming to the party to assist Kaipara District Council.

The investors in the South Island finance company were free to make an investment in it or not. There was no actual compulsion involved; it was totally private enterprise. They took their chances like all investors do.

The Kaipara ratepayers were, on the other hand, obliged to pay their rates to a council that was incompetent at best and were cheated of justice by the office of the Auditor General, which failed to detect any problems.

If the government can hand out hundreds of millions to those who invested in the South Island company, then there is far more justification for the government to come to the aid of Kaipara ratepayers rather than support a commissioner-led administration hell bent on what can only be described as one of the most vindictive acts in Local Government. The Kaipara commissioners will be long remembered as the true villains for what they propose.

Roy Vaughan

Too many negative comments
I am very disappointed to hear all the negative comments being made around town about the people who work for Kaipara District Council, including the Commissioners. I am especially concerned about derogatory comments made about the CEO. I want to voice a different view.

They may get paid more than most people living here, but we are fortunate to have them working for Kaipara. It wasn't them who caused the strife we are in. They are here to fix it and they are trying their best to do so. We need to back them.

This is the first time in many years that we have such well-qualified and experienced people working for Kaipara. The Commissioners and executive team have the talent to get jobs elsewhere very easily and probably for more pay.

If they get sick of all the negative comments they hear made and leave, which they could easily do, we are in danger of being left with people running the show who aren't nearly as good. And you know where that got us in the past!

I say lets support Council fixing this place up.

We won't agree with everything they do. We should by all means tell them when we disagree. Let's keep them honest, keep telling them what we think on the issues that matter to us.

I've certainly made it clear to them that I don't want land sold. I have also said it's great to see money in the budget for public toilets and reserves for Mangawhai. I've told them I want Mangawhai Park sorted for community use. I hope you have also told them what you don't and do support.

But let's keep it clean. Attack the issue not the person. Otherwise we may end up with a Council worse than it was when it all turned to custard.

Jim Wintle

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