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Mangawhai ‘good sorts’ acknowledged


Dave Glover, Francesca Purcell articlePeople caring for people is an important cog in the wheels that turn small communities.

Francesca Purcell and friend Anna Barclay, along with a few others, saw something special in a local couple and decided to present them with their own ‘good sorts’ award.

Their subjects were Dave and Mariska Glover of Bammas Surf Shop.

“We think they are special people, pleasant and friendly, and they put a lot back into the community,” says Fran.

“For example, approximately two months ago my mother and step father were visiting from the UK when they had a car accident. The following day my step father had a heart attack and passed away. As soon as the Glover’s heard the news they deposited money into our bank account to help get him home.

“Also last Friday the very successful surf dojo had their prize giving which Bammas donated lots of items for, plus they regularly donate to different causes both financially and with their time.”

Both Dave and Mariska also have a large involvement in the local school, and their business is also the booking office for almost everything that’s happening in town.

“I’m sure there are others who do similar good deeds, if that’s what they are,” says a modest Dave.

“And it’s not about money. It’s about just getting on with life and trying to be good citizens, maybe seeing things that need fixing and helping fix them.

“We don’t expect any reward but simply like to think if the boot were on the other foot that others would reciprocate in a similar way.”

The boot has been on the other foot on occasions with their business earning unwanted attention from unsavoury types over the past two years, but the Glover’s are firmly rooted in the Mangawhai community and continue on with the spirit that makes small towns tick whatever the obstacles.

Last week Anna and Fran presented Dave with a pounamu, locally carved by Evan Blomfield and also gifted both Mariska and Dave an hour massage with Evie Glover at Kakariki.

“A few of us have been on the receiving end of their generosity from the goodness of their hearts. We know there is always a friendly face if we drop in to Bammas – and a shoulder to cry on if we need it. They are just amazing good sorts and we feel blessed to have them in the community,” said Fran.


GOOD DEEDS: Good Sorts award winner Dave Glover pictured outside Bammas surf shop with Francesca Purcell.

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