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Blue light shows students Kiwi way of life

A group of international students from Rodney College recently came together for a day of fun outdoor activities including kayaking, air rifles and archery. The activities where organised and delivered by North Rodney Blue Light, the youth charity which works in partnership with the NZ Police to provide events and programs for young people in the area.

“Rodney College offers a 'kiwi experience' programme for all international students who attend the school," said Bronwyn Dempster, Director of International Students, Rodney College. 

"These students come from a range of countries across the world including Asia, Europe, South America and Scandinavia. We want to offer them opportunities to experience our unique way of life and our wonderful scenic country. The Blue Light and Moirs Point Christian camp at Mangawhai ticks all the boxes; both the unique experience and the wonderful scenic location".

Shane Gould, North Rodney Blue Light, says the organisations connection with the NZ Police provides a unique opportunity to introduce young people to local police officers in a low-key friendly way.  

“It's quite possible some of these young people come from countries where they aren't able to approach law enforcement officers and so we want to get across to them that our police are non-threatening and here to help," he says. 

"The day turned out to be like a meeting of the United Nations' as several of the officers who attended the course were also recent immigrants to New Zealand. Everyone had lots of fun."

North Rodney Blue Light has been providing outdoor education programs and events for young people in the area for the past 21 years. Many of the local schools are now using Blue Light to run their programs.

"Shane manages the activities and leads the experiences such as kayaking, archery, adventure activities, shooting and sand surfing,” says Bronwyn Dempster, Rodney College.

“The students are challenged in a safe environment with excellent tutors from Blue Light which is supported by the New Zealand Police. We are very lucky to have this facility and expertise in our local community." 

To find out more about North Rodney Blue Light check out North Rodney Blue Light on Facebook or email Shane Gould at
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