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Mangawhai Probus Club

New officers elected
Mangawhai Probus Club’s March meeting and AGM saw new officers elected for the coming year: President Jim Wintle; Secretary Gaylene Lawrence; Treasurer Beve Smith; Committee Terry Ballard, Ron Lawrence.

The committee will be a smaller group this year with three co-opted members – Lois Elphick, Pamela Downes and Petronella Brom.

Outgoing president Ron Lawrence commented on the variety of speakers the club had heard during the year and the two trips out of town - from West Haven Marina to Riverhead, and to Puhoi to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the club. A third highlight was bringing an Operatunity concert to Mangawhai which will be repeated this year. More information on that soon.

Pharmacist works on bucket list
The AGM was followed by a presentation by Barry and Joy Lumsden. Barry retired in April 2014 after 60 years as a pharmacist and wanted to tick a few more things off his ‘bucket list’. This time it was a year of travel.

The first trip was to Vanuatu. Barry and Joy had taken an interest in Vanuata through their church as groups of young people visited annually to help erect buildings, lay water pipes and the like on the outer islands. Having now been there they understand the need for such projects and why people become so attached to the place. Joy and Barry saw the ‘real’ Vanuatu.

A beautiful and diverse place, their hearts go out to the people of Vanuatu after the recent extreme weather and destruction that has taken place.

The second trip was a safari in South Africa. They enjoyed the wide variety of animals and seeing them at very close quarters. Once again, a very diverse place with a big gap between the rich and poor.

For many years Barry and Joy have wanted to take their family on a cruise. Two days after Christmas they flew to Singapore and boarded the Sapphire Princess for a 15 day trip to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. This was the holiday of a lifetime – their family of 6 adults and 4 grand daughters on a cruise.

After farewelling thei family they headed to India, mainly to see the Taj Mahal.

We are not sure what else is on Barry and Joy’s bucket list but will wait with interest to see what other adventures they take on.

Next meeting
Mangawhai Probus meet every third Thursday in the month at the Senior Citizens Hall, Fagan Place, Managwhai at 2pm. The March meeting will be the AGM on Thursday March 19, followed by a Habitat for Humanity presentation. If you require more info or transport please contact Ron and Gaylene Lawrence 431 5617 or Beve Smith 431 5777. All visitors are welcome.

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