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It’s a dogs life after win

Dog food winners-558The strangest things can result from a Rugby World Cup.

Neighbours from Auckland’s Kawakawa Bay, Dale Gutry and Shane Hancock first discussed starting a business together during the New Zealand-hosted rugby world cup four years ago.

From that discussion Acres Pet Products was born.

It wasn’t long before Rhonda Turner from their local GAS petrol station offered to sell their dog food to the locals and visitors to her garage.

Product sales grew and grew and Rhonda then suggested to Acres Pet Products owners Dale and Shane that they approach the Gasoline Alley Services head office to see whether they were open to the idea of offering Acres Complete Dog Food and Acres Premium Chicken Complete Cat food to their retailers.

GAS Mangawhai were also keen to add the product to their growing range of stock and petfoods.

Acres Pet Products sell from their local Clevedon markets and offer free delivery of dog food throughout New Zealand when ordering online but it’s much more convenient to pick it up from your local GAS outlet – and more rewarding – as a local couple found out.

Acres Pet Products offered a national prize draw to their new and growing customer base, won by Sandy Morrison and Donna Flavell from Mangawhai.

Their prize? A years supply of Acres Complete Dog Food and Acres Premium Chicken Complete Cat Food.

As the owners of not just one but two dogs (Shey, a cocker Spaniel and O’Reilly, an Irish Wolfhound) and a house cat, the win was a real coup.

“It’s very handy to be able to pick up a variety of pet foods at our local GAS outlet and having access to a complete product like Acres make is certainly a bonus for us,” says Donna.

Adds Shane Hancock: “It was wonderful that they won. Their dog food budget is obviously huge!”

FIDO FOOD: Sandy Morrison and Donna Flavell with dogs O’Reilly and Shey – and a years supply of dog tucker!

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