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Real skin health


AlexImagine your skin in 3D. Look through the layers where your working cells are, into the depths of the dermis where there is a hive of activity – fibroblast cells working hard to produce collagen, strong elastin is being made to support your skin.

Your melanocytes are also healthily distributing melanin into the upper layers evenly. Your oil and water are balanced. If your skin looked like this there wouldn’t be any uneven pigment spots, no acne, no build-up of dead cells, lines and sagging.

Your skin would have a radiant healthy glow on the outside. If your skin has conditions on the outside that you can see that you would like to change – for example pigmentation, wrinkles, congestion, an oily ‘T’ zone, if it looks dull on the outside – then your skin looks different in the deeper layers. If you have pigmentation spots then your melanin is being dumped.

If you have wrinkles then your skin is not producing strong healthy collagen and elastin and so on. So, what are the solutions? We can remove what you don’t like by exfoliating deeply doing peels, red veins can be cauterised removing the redness, acne spots can be dried out, wrinkles can be filled with fillers and collagen can be injected into the skin to smooth out those lines.

We can apply a band aid to any problem, however this is only temporary. Removal will remove what’s on the top, but it won’t change the reason why you have got the skin in the first place. This is where our rebuilding stage comes in. This will regulate the dysfunctions in your skin and change the reason why you have your skin condition. Enzyme therapy treatments work on the internal structure and function of the skin.

It does this by sending transfer messengering enzymes which work on your circulatory system, lymphatic system and cleans all your toxins and waters from your cells. Enzyme therapy activates the fibroblast cells to produce new collagen growth, giving you the best anti-ageing treatment in producing more of your own collagen! Enzyme therapy will give you a strong healthy beautiful new skin.

So now we have a solution that is long term, skin health that makes sense. Well we almost do. We need to remove the dead skin, rebuild to change your dysfunctions in your skin and correct your skin condition, also protect and maintain. This is where you come in. You need to protect your skin from any environmental damage by using sunscreen and home care prescriptive that have 80- 90 percent active ingredients. Also, most importantly we will put you on our weekly/ fortnightly program for 6-12 weeks to push your skin to its optimal condition, then you can come in for your 4-6 weekly monthly maintenance treatment to maintain your skin.

We are using paramedical plant botanical products Danne D M K skincare formulations.  If you would like to make a real difference with your skin and understand your own skin health, then give us a call for a consultation so we can assess your skin condition and advise you as to what removal treatments and rebuilding treatments would be best for you. We can also teach you how to protect and maintain the results.

Alex Donald is owner of Pure Essence Face & Body Clinic and has worked in the beauty industry for 20 years. Online pureessence.co.nz. HEALTH & BEAUTY Real skin health.

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