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Makeup done well brings out natural beauty


It's time for a change with the change in season – revamp your look with makeup. If you are stuck in the same old routine with your makeup, this article is for you. 

Skin health is important in giving us an even complexion to work on. As we get older our skin often isn't as uniform as it once was, but cover it up too much and use the wrong foundation this can look worse.

Firstly, moisturise your skin then use a primer. Primers are a product that fills in the wrinkles and open pores stopping the foundation from falling in. Next you need a foundation that is formulated with your skin type in mind. Sothys Satine formulation is great for ageing skin as it has lifting qualities and nourishes. Sothys Naturel is lighter in formulation and gently hydrates for up to eight hours. Sothys Matte foundation absorbs the excess oil in the skin keeping it matt and fresh.

Once the base is right the rest is easy. Powders can contour and highlight; it can all be a slight adjustment to give you the illusion of a smaller nose, high cheekbones and no double chin!

Then we are on to the fun of adding colour. It's best to decide where you want the focus to be, your lips or the eyes; do both and it's too much. Make up trends change over the years but there are a few rules that really stay the same. Light colours bring it out and dark colours recess. We use this when working with eye shape and applying eyeshadows.

The brows are also essential. They give us the frame to the eyes, so keep them groomed and full. Get advice as to what shape is best for your face shape. A once a month appointment to tint and shape can take care of this for you.

Curling your top eyelashes with a lash curler or get them professionally permed will create a more open younger eye as this stops the droopy eyelids. Lip fillers are better than the lip liners as they are a neutral colour and can be used with any lipstick to stop the lipstick bleeding and helps it to stay on longer.

For the month of April at Pure Essence we are offering our professional advice to all our clients for makeup. Have 15 minutes added to an existing appointment and we will help you with either your eye makeup or foundation base at no charge. Or if you are wanting a complete lesson bring in all your old makeup, spend an hour with us and we will create a plan with take-home notes for only $50. Start the new season with a new look!

 Alex Donald is owner of Pure Essence Face & Body Clinic and has worked in the beauty industry for 20 years. Online pureessence.co.nz

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