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Shop shelves reveal magic of books



Robyn Dormer --Ruawai books-956If music transcends the boundaries of race, creed and religion, then books are right there beside it.

The wonders of the world in fact or in fiction can transport readers of all ages to a different universe through both factual knowledge or the wonders of fiction and imagination.

Few people know this better than Robyn Dormer who has spent 16 years in the second-hand book business, most recently at Books@Devonport Wharf on Auckland’s North Shore, but now relocated and re-named Books@Ruawai.

Second-hand books a dime a dozen you say? Not so, says Robyn, who displays her passion in the 40 to 50 thousand books in her Ruawai shop – more than most libraries she says.

A former chemistry teacher, Robyn swapped science for the magic of literature.

While many have moved into the world of digital media for a variety of reasons there is little doubt that the printed word still holds interest and thrall with people worldwide.

Through this medium Robyn has visited a number of weird and wonderful places worldwide that feature in classics and famous books and many of the authors and people associated with them, thus creating a veritable ‘Internet for bookworms.’

Her knowledge is vast and her opinion widely sought and she has been asked to assess and value private collections belonging to deceased estates where many gems and treasures can be found.

After 16 years Robyn has obviously adopted technology and predominantly sells worldwide online and through abebooks.com, and while her stock is primarily fiction covering a wide range of genres, her repertoire also includes

lots of poetry, plays and classics as well as more contemporary fiction, children's fiction and lots of children's reference books.

Add to those business, art, gardening and cooking plus sheet music, DVDs and videos and, of course, some rare and special editions, and there will be something there for everyone.

“Wonderful things happen in a little bookshop!” she says.

‘Books’- certainly something different for Ruawai and well worth a visit.

GOOD READ: Robyn Dormer has spent 16 years working in the world of books.

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