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Winter writing workshops in August


Mike Botur pic-230Award-winning author Michael Botur is bringing some creative warmth to Mangawhai this winter with a course of creative writing workshops.

Held on all five Saturdays during August, the course is focused on fiction, primarily short stories, and will be delivered in the Mangawhai Pioneer Village church hall (movie theatre).

The course will help new and emerging writers to learn about plot, characterisation, prose, point-of-view and other literary essentials with a focus on ‘keeping it real’ and staying on top of digital publishing trends. The course will emphasise empowerment and confidence, with beginners warmly welcomed.

Botur praised local author Judy Tindill (pen-name Jude Thomas) for bringing the course together. 

“Without people like Jude bringing this together, people in Mangawhai would find it very hard to learn fiction writing in person – you would have to go to Auckland.” 

“Jude is one of many people tucked away in the corners of Northland keeping literature alive,” Botur said. “It’s been heartening to see Bevan Lawrence get the Mangawhai Writers Group going. Now it’s time to expand our homegrown talent with some short, intense training for locals. We should be at an advantage as hopefully a lot of people in the room will already feel comfortable around each other.”

Participants are expected to attend all five workshops, with some discretion for drop-ins. 

Week Two of the course author Fiona Sussman will share her expertise. Sussman is author of two award-winning novels and many short stories.

The course should appeal to the many creative people who live and work in the Mangawhai area, as the same artistic mindset which creates painting, pottery or carving can create literary works of art. 

Artists will be provided with a positive creative, learning environment,” Tindill said. “Our objective is to establish a similar hub for writers to make art with words, beginning with this introductory series of workshops.”

 The fee for the five weekly classes is $385. To book, email judy@silvereyepress.co.nz or contact Judy Tindill 021-794394.

Author Michael Botur will hold a series of writing workshops in Mangawhai next month.

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