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Ric Kayne celebrated as Kea Friend of NZ award winner


48116796157 1b9711dc4b o-330Business leader and investment specialist Ric Kayne has been named as the 2019 Kea Friend of New Zealand at the World Class New Zealand (WCNZ) Awards held at Sky City’s Auckland Convention Centre on June 20.

The sell-out gala dinner saw Kayne celebrated for his significant contribution to New Zealand’s people, economy and tourism sector through his work establishing Aotearoa as a world-class golfing destination, and his ongoing partnerships with Northland iwi.

Kayne is responsible for the development of world-class Tara Iti golf course in Mangawhai, currently ranked sixth globally outside of the US.

Through this (and other courses planned for the future) Kayne has forged strong links with local iwi Ngati Manuhiru and Te Uri o Hau, as well as the broader community, creating significant education and employment opportunities and driving tourism growth in the region.

Kea Global CEO Craig Donaldson says the WCNZ Awards - established in 2003 - recognise exceptional Kiwis and friends of New Zealand whose outstanding achievements are enhancing New Zealand’s reputation on a global scale.

“Ric Kayne has contributed considerably to the growth of Auckland, Northland and New Zealand,” says Donaldson. “His various initiatives, in particular the development of the Tara Iti course, have provided significant tourism, employment and investment opportunities in New Zealand. Ric has helped to define New Zealand as a worldwide tourist destination and we are delighted to recognise him as a Kea Friend of NZ.”

A powerful presentation of Ric’s journey with his family and the Tara Iti project was a touching introduction to receiving the memorable award. 

It was also a proud moment for all those that continue to support him including his family, friends, partners, employees and membership.

“I’m pleased to be able to contribute, and the appreciation is truly heart-warming,” said Mr Kayne, who started his association with New Zealand at Pakiri in the mid-90s. Now he and wife Suzanne have planted firm roots spending around four months of the year living in New Zealand.

“I’m deeply appreciative of the opportunity I’ve had and may have in the future to create something that I believe will be of lasting value to this country,” he says. “I’m immensely proud of what we’ve built.”

Businessman and entrepreneur Ric Kayne (left) is presented with a prestigious tall poppy statuette as the 2019 Kea Friend of New Zealand.

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