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Positive outcome after bylaw dogfight



Mangawhai’s canines have been successfully unleashed from a proposal that would have seen the freedom of the areas four-legged residents tightly tethered.

Earlier this year a Kaipara District Council (KDC} draft of the Dog Policy and Bylaws aimed to tighten the leash on dog freedom, including Mangawhai’s estuary and Picnic Bay becoming a ‘leash-on’ 24/7 area through all seasons, and banning dogs from Mangawhai Heads’ shopping complex on the corner of Wood Street and Fagan Place.

However after receiving 400 submissions and attending a review meeting with 50 concerned dog–lovers as well as supporters of the changes, council altered the bylaw, with the new version adopted at a KDC meeting on June 27. 

Officially taking effect on July 9, the new laws allow for Mangawhai canines to have an hour more of off-leash time at designated areas and be permitted to accompany their humans to the shops on-leash. 

Due to concerns for kiwis eventually settling on Bream Tail Farm along Mangawhai Heads cliffs, a total dog ban has been included for the cliff top walk. 

Once posted on social media, the new bylaws received mainly a positive response, especially from dog owners who thanked the KDC for listening.
‘We have convinced our council that we need to be sensible about dog walking in Mangawhai, I am pleased with the results… not everyone will be happy but I would like to say thank you to the mayor and the panel for their understanding’ said one owner.

Local dogs are naturally delighted with the decision. 

Border collie Tui is very happy that she can continue to have her morning play unharnessed with her friends at the estuary.
“I like a council who listens to their people, and us dogs,” she barked. 

Her friends, Paco and Breeze are ecstatic they can continue to socialise daily with their human and others at their local cafe. 
“The people at the Wood Street shops and cafes have shown us they definitely enjoy our presence, most provide us with water bowls and have spots to tie us up, so why shouldn’t we relax with our owners and enjoy the social scene?” yapped Paco.

Paco and Breeze’s human Annie Kitchener agrees and would like to extend a personal thank you to the council. 

“For their understanding really and realisation that ninety percent of dog owners wish to do the right thing as far as their canine is concerned,” she says. “A run along a beach…. with like-minded dogs or a trip to local shops… this is so important to both the wellbeing of the dog and owner and should never be denied.”
New dog control rules for Kaipara District

Kaipara District Council has adopted new dog control rules for the District. 

This follows a review of the Policy on Dogs (The Policy) and Dog Management Bylaw (The Bylaw). 

These are made under sections 10 and 20 of the Dog Control Act 1996 and are required to be reviewed every 10 years. 

The review has resulted in the rules for dogs in the Kaipara District being amended with the new rules coming into effect from Tuesday 9 July 2019. 

The new rules are considerably different from the previous rules (adopted in 2009) and to the draft rules recently consulted on. 

Council would like to thank all those who submitted on the draft rules. 

Council staff were impressed with the quality of many of the submissions and the clear consensus regarding some issues. 
Consequently, a number of amendments have been made to the rules which were consulted on. 

Key changes include (but are not limited to):
 Dogs will continue to have off-leash access to the Estuary Beach from the Alamar Crescent boat ramp to the rocks at Bullet Point. In addition, the times when dogs may have off-leash access will be extended to before 10am and after 5pm. 
 These rules, off leash access before 10am and after 5pm, will also apply to the following areas of the harbour: Picnic Bay; Lincoln Street reserve and adjoining beach; The beach from the end of Pearson Street to the point at the north of the Kainui Street Reserve.
All other beaches around the Mangawhai Harbour shall be on leash areas (except the sand spit where dogs are prohibited). This is intended to protect Mangawhai’s fairy terns/tara iti (New Zealand’s rarest bird) and to recognise that many people in the community like to enjoy the harbour without disturbance from dogs. 
 Dogs shall be permitted at the shops on Wood Street, Mangawhai Heads provided they are on a leash.
 Dogs are not permitted on the Mangawhai Cliff Top Walk.
 People wanting to keep more than two dogs (including puppies) at an urban property must apply for a permit from Council. 

Dog owners are encouraged to review the new rules on Council’s website kaipara.govt.nz/services/animal-education-control/dogs. Contact council if you have any questions about the new rules. 

Paco and Breeze are very happy that new rules mean they can still have their freedom around Mangawhai. Their human Annie Kitchener says thanks to local council.

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