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Mangawhai Domain needs your involvement


The Mangawhai Domain is an iconic asset for our region and proudly owned and operated by the community through its membership, and has been that way since 1959. The Committee is appealing to the public for support in the form of ongoing membership.

We have a unique structure whereby the community gets to decide the structure and direction of this facility and free of Council governance because our community does it best. We are an Incorporated Society with a formal constitution (or rules) that we are bound by in order to achieve our charitable status. For a membership fee of $5 (currently) anyone who is a ratepayer or residing in the general Mangawhai district can be a member and only members can be part of the committee and have voting rights at any meeting.

A lot of people use the facility now and it is a busy place for sport and recreation as well as casual use of the hall and grounds by various groups, also not forgetting the dog and public exercising on the grounds and making use of the walkways available. If you are part of any of these, it is in your best interest to be involved in the ownership and running of the Domain, so become a member and have your say. Details are on our website mangawhaidomain.org.nz or just google 'mangawhai domain'. Check it out soon, there is a lot of information there for you.

It is that time of the year again with our AGM due on Saturday July 20 at 3pm. This is where all the members have their chance to be updated and have a say on important issues facing the Domain. It will be preceded by a SGM to consider some suggested constitutional changes which members will be advised of shortly. One must be a registered member before the meeting to be able to vote but anyone can attend the meeting to see how it all works, and you would be most welcome to do so.

We also have a number of the current committee stepping down at this meeting so we need some new potential committee members to consider putting their names forward for these roles. It is a challenging but ultimately rewarding task as well as being part of the Annual Gala Day, which we put on every year on January 2. This is a huge event for Mangawhai and the Domain, being our biggest income source we have to keep the place operational.

Please consider your ongoing support of the community ownership of this facility. If you want the benefit of this structure rather than Council ownership, you need to be involved. We cannot offer any tangible or financial rewards for becoming a member, other than this ownership concept and being a part owner of this great community asset.

- The Mangawhai Domain Committee

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