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Lou turns trial into triumph


ForwardFIT-976Why do kiwi’s start small businesses? Usually there is a personal story behind the business and that is definitely the case when it comes to ForwardFIT, a boutique fitness and core rehabilitation offering based in magical Mangawhai and specialising in women’s fitness.

Lou Forward – founder of ForwardFIT – and her movement-filled lifestyle changed in an instant when she was diagnosed with a prolapse. Lou went from being a very physically active woman to one who couldn't even carry the washing basket or do the grocery shopping on her own, let alone run or jump. She was told this is it - this is your new inactive reality at the ripe old age of 34. 

 Being the determined woman she is there was no way Lou was going to accept that and spend the rest of her life sitting on the couch feeling sorry for herself. She spent months working with many local and international specialists to better her situation and get back to a place where movement felt fun again. She can happily say that three years on, yes her prolapse is still there, but it no longer rules her life. Lou can now move and train as she pleases. 

During Lou’s recovery she spent (and still spends) countless hours learning and studying how the woman's anatomy works and how best to move and train with body awareness and confidence. The deeper she understood her condition, the more she realised that a lot of women are living with conditions, symptoms and limitations they don’t need to. 

Lou immersed herself in as many courses as she could, becoming a REPs registered trainer specialising in women’s fitness. 

ForwardFIT was born. It offers specialised eight week core rehab programs called Core Restore and Core Restore RELAX in Mangawhai, Ruakaka, Whangarei and Warkworth integrating all that Lou has learnt on her journey and teaching this to small groups in a fun, educational way. Lou is massively passionate about spreading the ‘happy bits’ message and frequently holds free workshops at gyms, antenatal groups and coffee groups to help spread awareness and empower women to understand their bodies.

ForwardFIT also offers fun small group fitness classes and personal training in Mangawhai with onsite childcare available.

Pelvic dysfunction is one of many ways our body can be limited says Lou, who loves working with people suffering any annoying limitation to empower them to enjoy movement again. Lou believes movement is such a vital part of our well being, both physical and emotional. It is her absolute passion to help people find the freedom in their bodies to move in whatever way makes them feel good! 

For more information about any of ForwardFIT’s Core Restore Programs or Fitness sessions head to forwardfit.nz or get in touch with Lou on 021 0234 9108 or louforward@outlook.com.

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