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8th February 2021 Issue

Post-Covid business programme a boost for local enterprise

A win-win deal created in Covid’s wake, and involving Kiwi farmers, government, and a Kaiwaka business, has seen hundreds of unemployed pulling on a pair of gumboots and stepping out into New Zealand’s countryside.
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Ed Said - Somewhere over the rainbow

I am the first to admit that I am completely baffled and bamboozled by the climate change movement. There are two very distinct sides – those who believe in climate change and those who don’t.

Peanut growing trial could see big boost for Kaipara

Nelson-based company Pic’s Peanut Butter has kicked off a project to look at the feasibility of growing peanuts commercially in Northland, with backing from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).
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Rising kiwi opera stars to perform

For the last six years Matakana’s countryside has had the good fortune to be host to the sounds of music with young sopranos, tenors and baritones raising their voices in harmony to the delight of hundreds who flock to see them.
thumbnail 3 MF-Opera3-222

Fibonacci: An exhibition of math and magic

You may not know it, but you have seen the patterns of the Fibonacci sequence hundreds of times. These patterns occur in an amazing variety of places; in art and nature, mathematics and in science. 
thumbnail Fibonaaci 4 Group with Mandy's work Coffee-905

Worzel's World: Covid hits home

News reports have been full of the latest in the very long-running Covid-19 (or is it now Covid 21) virus pandemic saga. The Government panic that led to lockdowns and various other restrictive curbs on liberty for a fortnight to ‘flatten the curve’ is now well into its second year, making it quite possibly the longest fortnight in recorded history.

Come join the circus

After a successful circus holiday program in January, circus magic will continue for term one on February 11 at the Community Hall, Fagan Place, Mangawhai Heads.

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Emergency services record busiest season on record

Mangawhai Volunteer Fire Brigade (MVFB) chief Rob Leslie says the local service has had their busiest year on record, with over 141 callouts consisting of 59 fire-related.
thumbnail Fire engines-898

Tireless lifeguards work loaded beaches

As the holiday-makers slowly pack up and head home, Mangawhai lifeguards are reflecting on one of the busiest summers they have experienced. 

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Govt decision to remove Maori seat poll option welcomed

Northland Regional Council (NRC) Chair Penny Smart has welcomed news central government will remove an ‘outdated, unfair’ law that allows referendums to overturn councils’ plans to establish dedicated Maori seats.
thumbnail Maori seats the vote (01) - 20201020-423

A pet possum and a penny ice cream

Father was a dentist in the army and worked at camps from Waiouru northwards. Mum and and I followed him and lived near his camp though I don’t recall ever going to or seeing one.

thumbnail Stu Murray-906

Rods, bikes and classic cars set to fill Domain

Mangawhai Golf Club, in association with Mangawhai Domain Society and Mangawhai Muscle and Classic Car Club, are organising an inaugural Custom & Classic Cars/Bike Extravaganza to be held Easter Sunday April 4, at the Mangawhai Domain.
thumbnail Classic cars lineup-10

Supporters asked to join sand mining beach protest

Mangawhai’s growing movement to protect the area’s marine environment against sandmining is being taken to the coastline, with a call to stand united in the surf and sand.
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Our Sands, Our Taonga

I grew up at Te Arai and spent most of my time chasing waves and beaching it up and down the coast between Mangawhai and Pakiri.

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News in Brief

Kaipara recycling headed for the bin Communities across Kaipara will soon be able to give their opinion.
Lines redrawn for Wood Street Following a public survey on the Wood Street Revitalisation Project.
Dome Valley dump update In the ongoing fight for the health and wastefree future of Dome Valley.

Letters to the Ed

Climate change and sandmining Apart from the obvious reason of sea level rise, one of the predicted effects of climate change, that there should be no sand mining close inshore.

Two Dumps Leachate – tips, And negligent poli-tics.

Some meeting of the minds, and controversy, as PC78 hearing reconvenes

Water supply, massive reticulation tanks, housing numbers and surprising comments querying locals’ right to influence the future of Mangawhai.
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Becoming a climate junkie

Having raised three amazing children, and now having two lovely grandchildren, it is inevitable that I want their world and environment to be at least as good as the one I have enjoyed since the late 40s… and hopefully far better.
thumbnail Steve Green Wellington crowd-437

Mangawhai Matters: We must input into the Long Term Plan review

Throughout the month of March, Kaipara District Council (KDC) will be seeking your input on its Long Term Plan (LTP) review for the years 2021 to 2031. The LTP is KDCs 10 year budget and works programme.
matters logo-350

Choir to give Waipu performance

The Graduate Choir New Zealand is giving a free concert in Waipu on February 27, performing a range of international songs in its ‘Waiata at Waipu’ concert at the Coronation Hall.

Waiata at Waipu free concert poster - 27 Feb 2021-page-001-161

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