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Council continues work on Annual Plan, adopts Vision and Community Outcomes



27 Apr, 2023

At the April Council meeting Kaipara District Council staff presented the latest financial statements for the draft Annual Plan 2023/24, alongside a projected rates increase averaging 4.98 percent across the district.

The Water by Meter charge, for those on water supply, is proposed to decrease by 5.31 percent.

The main topic for discussion was the prioritisation of emergency works (required as a result of February’s extreme weather events) over some of the previously planned work programme. A number of projects initially planned for 2023/2024 will now be deferred until the following year.

Kaipara District Council mayor Craig Jepson stressed the importance of completing the emergency works first, taking advantage of the external funding available, and getting the district infrastructure back to pre-weather event standard.

“We have just had an extraordinary period of extreme weather causing a wide-range of long-term impacts to our infrastructure across the district. Too many of our roads are not fit for purpose and the fixes are needed urgently. It is absolutely vital we prioritise these emergency works and access the external funding from Waka Kotahi NZTA and any other funding while it is on offer.”

In the same meeting Council also agreed not to consult with the community on the Annual Plan for 2023/24. The report presented to Council highlighted that staff and contractor resourcing would be constrained to complete emergency works required on top of all projects previously planned.

Council staff will keep working on the financial statements through to the June 28 Council meeting, when the Annual Plan 2023/24 will be brought to Elected Members for adoption. New rates will take effect July 01, 2023.

Mayor Jepson also acknowledged the work done by Council staff so far “to get to one of the lowest proposed rates increases in the country. This is a challenging environment and we are still looking for areas where we can save money, cut unnecessary costs, and continue to provide the best services possible for our Kaipara community.”


Vision and Community Outcomes

A healthy environment, prosperous economy and dependable roading are included in the community outcomes Kaipara District Council has set for the next few years.

In the April 26 Council meeting, Council voted to adopt a new vision and set of community outcomes, kickstarting the process for the new Long Term Plan 2024/2034.

The ‘Vision’ is a statement that provides the community with high level themes for the direction of Council for the next Long Term Plan. The ‘Community Outcomes’ are the goals and aspirations Council aims to achieve in all aspects of its leadership, policy development and service delivery as well as to promote the interests of the community.

Mayor Craig Jepson says he is very happy with the vision and community outcomes set by Council at the April 26 meeting.

“Every single Elected Member around the Council table is passionate about our beautiful district. We all have different viewpoints but we were all united in our vision and community outcomes that set the scene and build a strong foundation for the goals we are striving towards.

The Vision adopted by council was: ‘Kaipara – the place to be!’

Community Outcomes include: Prosperous economy, Affordable living, Dependable roading, Vibrant communities, Healthy environment.

“Kaipara is a fantastic place to live and play,” added mayor Jepson. “It really is the place to be! Now it’s up to this council to focus on policy ensuring that Council’s work programme for the next Long Term Plan supports this.”

n View the discussion on the recorded livestream of the April Council meeting on Kaipara District Council YouTube channel.


“We all have different viewpoints but we were all united in our vision and community outcomes…”

- Craig Jepson, Kaipara mayor

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