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A changing of the art guard at KDC Mangawhai



3 May 2023


thumbnail Philippa Murray-Aynsley (L) and Felicity Andrews with We need your support by Janel Colle copy-727New artwork has recently appeared on the walls of the reception area of the Mangawhai office of Kaipara District Council (KDC). The ‘changing of the guard’ of art is a collaboration between KDC and Mangawhai Artists.

“The display of artwork brightens the walls of the public facing areas of the service centre. It’s a celebration of local artists and the creativity that is in our community,” says Pip Murray-Aynsley, coordinator of the display from Mangawhai Artists.

Elena Nikolaeva’s work ‘The Boss’ greets visitors from behind the reception desk. The work is a silk painting, an art form which originated in the ancient South-East Asian traditional craft of batik.

“Through silk painting I try to evoke a joyful world of positive emotions,” says Elena. “I am trying to create for the viewer a moment of wonder, the same wonder and joy which captivate me in New Zealand, in this evergreen paradise land which also dictates my nautical and terrestrial themes, vibrant colours, unique forms and shapes.”

Janel Colle’s work is on the right-hand wall as one enters the service centre. ‘We need your support’ is a plea from the kauri forest as it fights the plague of kauri dieback disease. It is a call to action for the people of New Zealand to be proactive in protecting this giant treasure of our native flora. It is from a collection of work Janel created in 2022.

“These legendary trees are like human beings, we need to protect them so we can continue to grow and thrive together on this sacred land,” says Janel.

‘The Golden Glow’ by Edie Chappell is on the right as one leaves the service centre. The work speaks for itself and provides a feeling of warmth and hope. It also picks up the late afternoon sun that can (sometimes) be seen through the window alongside it.

Shirley Emerson’s work ‘Idol Hours’ is in the small office to the left of the reception area. It is an acrylic and collaged piece inspired by lockdowns and lazy days.

“It’s exciting to see the new work on the walls,” says Felicity Andrews, Fleet and Facilities Coordinator at Kaipara District Council. “Having artwork on the walls helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the service centre.”

A brochure profiling each work and artist is in a stand to the left of the reception desk. The current display is scheduled to be in place for three months and to be refreshed in August.


Philippa Murray-Aynsley (left) and Felicity Andrews with ‘We need your support’ by Janel Colle. PHOTO/SUPPLIED

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