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Garden rambling cultivates vital funds


17 MF-Playgrpramble2 copy-905Wandering through Mangawhai’s magical gardens, viewing landscaped features, healthy vegetation and fragrant blooms is one of the more enjoyable ways to fundraise for a worthy cause.

Mangawhai Garden Ramble 2016 on November 19 and 20 is an annual event organised and operated by dedicated parents from Mangawhai Playgroup and Kindergarten. Proceeds from the Ramble are shared between the two early childhood facilities and provides essential funding for necessary items such as sunshades and heaters.

Mangawhai Playgroup spokeswoman, committee member Anna Kingi says the free child service is not funded by Plunket and receives only a small Ministry of Education assistance, covering only electricity and play resources.

“With last year’s Garden Ramble donations, we got three sunshades which were very important as we hardly had any shade besides a small pergola, a gift from Zonta a few years ago,” she says. “Now the kids can still play in the sandpit and on the slide when it gets hot.”

Prior Rambles have funded fences, safety gates and heat pumps, crucial for the winter months due to the premises, the Rose Madsen Cottage, being uninsulated.

Decisions about funds received from 2016’s event lies with the Garden Ramble committee comprised of parents from both the Playgroup and Kindergarten.

“We have been talking about extending the premises,” Kingi says. “Be good to have more room on rainy days and through the winter months.”

Additional space seems vital as both the Kindergarten and private daycare, Before6, have long waiting lists, highlighting the need for further pre-school facilities in Mangawhai. The playgroup has over 50 children attending a variety of weekly social groups including Toy Library, Te Puna Reo and toddler’s morning.

“We believe in putting a lot of effort into playgroup… motherhood doesn’t have to be done alone,” Kingi says. “These groups have a lot of benefit for the community and for the families and children of Mangawhai.”

SUN SAFE: New sunshades from 2015’s Garden Ramble provide a more enjoyable outdoor environment for children and parents of Mangawhai Playgroup says committee member, Anna Kingi (centered).

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