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NRC Councillor Rick Stolwerk



With Rick Stolwerk

Northland Regional Councillor, Coastal South


Kia ora all

Questions and answers

As a result of your queries last month, representatives from Mangawhai Harbour Restoration Society and Mangawhai Matters will meet staff and councillors from the Northland Regional Council early next year to discuss the following issues:

1. The effects on the natural values of Mangawhai’s iconic harbour of increasing development pressures.

2. The renewal of the Mangawhai Harbour dredging consent and the issues around this.

A number of concerns were also raised in questions around wetland restoration projects and the sustainability of groundwater aquifers. I can assure the community that Northland Regional Council councillors and staff are well aware of these issues and are taking the appropriate steps to make sure they are addressed in a sustainable manner. The health and well-being of our natural environment is essential if we are to leave a sustainable environment for future generations.


Regional matters

As I have covered local matters above I would like to now move on to regional issues.

As mentioned last week, improving fresh water quality throughout Northland remains the number one priority of the Northland Regional Council. In addition to this recent announcements by central government have reinforced the need for us all to improve fresh water quality.

We can only have quality fresh water streams and aquifers if we look after the land first. It is the responsibility of all New Zealanders to assist in improving our waterways. I will take this opportunity to thank the many community groups which have been formed to plant riparian strips and also remove pests from our landscape.

Finally, as recently appointed Chair of the Regional Transport Committee for Northland I would like to leave you with the following road safety messages:

§ Allow plenty of time for your journey, especially with the increased number of heavy trucks on our regional and national roads

§ Have plenty of breaks

§ Always wear your seatbelt

§ Don’t get distracted

Once again thank you for taking the time to read this column and please send in your questions. Contact me at ricks@nrc.govt.nz or 031 823 770.

Until next month

Nga mihi, Rick

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