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Gull preparing to land in Kaiwaka



thumbnail 22 MF-Gull copy-177JULIA WADE

Earthworks for Kaiwaka’s new Gull petrol station has begun, with excavation machinery now at the SH1 site adjacent to the Three Furlongs Tavern, but local watchdogs have safety concerns around the new development.

Once the ground works have been completed, construction is expected to commence in the New Year, says Gull property and capital manager, Karl Mischewski.

“The station is anticipated to be open by around the middle of 2021 or sooner, and will be an unmanned like many of our existing sites such as Wellsford, selling 91, diesel and 98 with convenient pay at pump technology,” he says. “The site sits outside the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax zone so that is great news for motorists passing through on SH1 and for all the locals, residents and farmers.”

Although the project is already underway, community watchdog group Kaiwaka Can holds ‘grave concerns’ about traffic safety due to the positioning of the site, chair Derek Christensen says.

“The entire consent process was done with no public consultation and as our town is totally dominated by State Highway One, we are dependent on being heard as we try to build a safe and attractive town,” he says.

“The Gull is right next to the Three Furlongs, which often has heavy vehicles entering, not far down the hill from the southern block of shops and a short distance from Oneriri Road, a notoriously difficult intersection. So this means there is another exit to watch in making a turn.”

Pedestrians will also have to be more aware he says, especially as the footpath along SH1 is the only one children can use up to the main residential area.

“Which is already very narrow and unsafe, and now with exiting vehicles to worry about as well, it makes for a very congested piece of road, all this with a speed limit still at 60 at a time when Council is doing research into dropping speed limits on all its council roads. It has not been a very satisfactory process.”

Public notification was not requested by the applicant nor required, a KDC planning spokesperson says, as ‘the adverse effects of the traffic intensity (among other matters) was less than minor… the application was also supported by NZTA when lodged’.

The Notification Assessment Report Gull lodged with council states ‘the speed limit within this locality along SH1 is 60kmh and safety of users turning in/out and motorists travelling along SH1 will therefore be maintained given the low speed limit.

Any resulting effects associated with operational traffic movements and road user safety will be less than minor in scale’.

How the existing Kaiwaka petrol station will be affected is yet to be seen, however when asked earlier in the year, Caltex spokesperson Kim Woodgate said Caltex NZ welcomes the opportunity for people in Kaiwaka to have different service station options ‘when they’re fuelling up’.

“Caltex NZ is proud to support New Zealand’s local communities… we know Caltex Kaiwaka will be a great option for the times when people are after some bread and milk at the same time as fuel… or when they’re keen to keep out of the weather while filling up.”


Excavators forming the groundwork on the new Gull site. Some locals have increased safety concerns for motorists and the Kaiwaka community. PHOTO/JULIA WADE

“The entire consent process was done with no public consultation.”

Derek Christensen, Kaipara Can

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