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Worzels World - You gotta change your evil ways


The wages of sin are death says the Bible and as far as I know the only thing that pays worse than that is writing for the newspaper.

It was, I think, in the early 80's when the cult of self-promotion gained ascendancy over more traditional religions. The ethic was 'fake it till ya make it' and because too many have subscribed to this ideology there is now too much fake and not enough make.

It was around that time that with the likeable Lange as front man, Douglas and Prebble hijacked the 'Labour' party to irrevocably alter the direction of New Zealand. Right wing wolves dressed as left wing lambs, they somehow managed to convince people that the way to prosperity was to sell our assets, get into debt and squander the money in profligate consumption and an endless pursuit of growth. We would all get rich on 'trickle down'. Yeah right.

It is a formula for failure and we insist on repeating it. If I were not already convinced of the general insanity of the world at large this would be enough to dispel any remaining doubt.

There appears to be an increase in earthquakes, hailstorms, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and drought around the globe and in New Zealand. Brian Tamaki recently got into trouble inferring that the multitude and magnitude of apparently vengeful manifestations of such natural phenomena are a result of the sinfulness of mankind. I don't know exactly what he said, yet it has been impossible for me not to have heard some of the resultant fallout. This has consisted mostly of name-calling and general derision aimed at Mr Tamaki with an absence of reasoned argument.

According to the only recorded source available, when once before the world became this crazy, God sent a flood that wiped out everyone except those forewarned and prepared. Some time later when promiscuity and licentiousness again became rampant, the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah were effaced from the earth. So why not an earthquake or two? Isn't what Tamaki is saying just another way of telling us that we are responsible for our planet and our problems? Isn't the scientific community saying the same thing? And for that matter don't most of us agree that we have pretty much made a bit of a mess of things around here?

Whatever your religion or lack of it there can be no disputing certain facts. Our planet has lost 58 percent of its vertebrate animal species since 1970. The once teeming cod banks of Alaska that produced sufficient cod liver oil to terrorise children everywhere, are gone. Waterways all over the globe are polluted as is the air in most major cities. The oceans are being depleted of fish and the land of native forests. No doubt, in a few years time one of the major global fishing conglomerates will catch and can the last tuna. We have passed peak oil production.

Practically anyone with any sense agrees that we are facing major problems, which need to be addressed. All hear but none do. Everyone agrees but too few act. We're faking it but predictably failing to make it. So I'm going along with Brian and will ascribe it to God punishing us for our obvious wickedness. However I refuse to put any blame upon God who I reckon has been pretty patient. If I was God I would have wiped out humanity already and safely packed it away in hell. It is the only reasonable repository for the gullible, the greedy and the hopelessly insane.

I will share with you all a law. It is as immutable as the law of gravity although judging by appearances not as widely known. As far as immutable laws go it has as much gravity as that one of Newton's. The religious folk will tell you it is God's law. The tree huggers will argue it is natures law and the scientists and philosophers would sigh, shrug, mutter something about cause-and-effect and suggest it is simply common sense. This law states 'We reap what we sow'. Representing the scientific community I would encourage you to begin practising sustainable lifestyles with greater efficiency in the use of precious common resources. On behalf of the conservationists I exhort you to learn to behave like a sharing partner with

Mother Nature rather than the exploitative rapist we have been for so long. And on behalf of God, the creator of this strange and wonderful experiment called life, I would echo the words of every prophet throughout the ages: Turn from your evil ways, repent, and be saved, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

n prof_worzel@hotmail.com

“Isn't what Tamaki is saying just another way of telling us that we are responsible for our planet and our problems? Isn't the scientific community saying the same thing?”

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