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Mangawhai Village facelift underway


Mangawhai Village is getting a facelift. Not quite a nip and tuck, however it is going to make a real difference to the area.

Like most good facelifts, the changes by themselves are not great, but together are producing an improved look to the area.

New gardens on the corner of Molesworth Drive and Moir Street will in time add a green lushness to soften the surrounding hard surfaces.

Other raggedy vegetation by the public toilets has been removed so the building is more visible, new fittings installed inside and a handy bench seat placed nearby.

A concrete entrance crossing with a painted pedestrian path connects the shops to the public toilets.

The project is the result of business owners, residents and the council getting together late last year to identify how the shopping area could be improved.

The ideas that came out of the planning session are now being brought to reality and making a positive difference, says Parks and Community Manager Sue Hodge.

“We still have work to do, such as improved planting by the public toilets, a drinking fountain installed, and seats outside the shop upgraded.

“We are also working on how to better plan our commercial areas, including Mangawhai Village and
Wood Street, in terms of parking, traffic flow and pedestrian accessibility. These issues are being taken into account as part of the Mangawhai Town Plan project, which focuses on addressing current and future growth.

Rising resource and building consent figures are a good indication of the rapid growth in Mangawhai, says Ms Hodge, with the council working with the community to plan how the town will deal with the growth.

“The Mangawhai Town Plan will address increased traffic and parking needs as well as recreation and public spaces both existing and in the future. It is an essential part of making sure Mangawhai continues to be an attractive place that’s easy to live in and enjoy.”

Meanwhile, Mangawhai people with an artistic bent could be interested in the council’s investigation into possible locations for murals or community art projects around Mangawhai. Anyone interested in being involved in a mural project in the Mangawhai area, please contact Community Planner Annie van der Plas on 0800 727 059.

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