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Police Snippets


Dog killing sheep
Flocks of sheep and spring lambs have been terrorised and slaughtered by an alleged lone dog in a Mangawhai Heads rural neighbourhood throughout October. In the last four weeks, a total of 21 animals have been killed on a Kings Road property, with eight lambs found dead on October 12, a further nine two nights later on October 14, and four more recently on October 28. 

Senior Constable Graham Gough is issuing a warning to all owners of dogs and in particular the marauding dog owner.

“It is absolutely important you keep your dogs under control at all times. If your animal gets among stock, farmers are allowed to shoot them,” he says. “To the owner of this dog, please do the right thing, bring your dog in.” 

The killer dog is said to be brindle in colour although the breed is yet to be identified. Animal Control is also involved. 

“Police get a lot of complaints about unrestrained dogs, especially on beaches through summer,” Gough says. “Look after your animals, training and taking good care of them is vital for their own and others’ safety and wellbeing.” 

Have any information regarding the killings? Please contact Police or Animal Control 0800 105 890.

Pain in the glass
Mangawhai Police station has had four windows shattered by purposely-thrown rocks in the last two weeks. Following Labour Day, officers found a window smashed, and on the night before Halloween, October 30, three more had been broken.

“In 24 years of policing Mangawhai, we’ve only had four windows smashed,” Senior Constable Gough says. “Now in just two weeks, we’ve had four! We’re following enquiries and if anyone has any information, please get in touch.”

-- REPORTING / Julia Wade

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