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Worzels World - What the hell am I doing?



These days there is much talk but little sense. There is an almost unlimited amount of knowledge available but very little understanding. Now more than ever true wisdom is rare. Amongst all the hubbub (and we must surely agree that the vast majority of today’s communication is merely hubbub) there is sadly very little consideration, contemplation or reflection.

It is about time nations, corporations, clubs, and especially individuals made themselves a nice hot cup of tea, took a deep breath and a wee sit down and asked themselves that most necessary of questions: What the hell am I doing?

Sadly for most the answer might run along the lines of ‘nothing particularly good and nothing particularly useful and nothing particularly satisfying’. The remainder who are doing good, useful, satisfying things may wonder if they really should be and may even feel a bit guilty about it.

Are you occupied forging bricks for a mansion in heaven or are you helping pave the road to hell?

Take a look around and you may notice that selfishness and greed are the new normal. Narcissism is the new altruism. Why be generous with others when you can be lavish with yourself? Many take this to such an extreme of self-generosity that like perverse Robin Hoods they steal not so much from the rich to give to the poor as from the poor to give to themselves. Others borrow and max out their credit cards, showing extreme but senseless generosity not to others, not to the underprivileged, the downtrodden or the oppressed, but to themselves. Too many spend their lives simply killing time until such time as time kills them.

The part of me that hopes for the best thinks that people will eventually reform their behaviour when they learn that what they are doing is detrimental not only to themselves but also to others and to the world at large. That when they realise that they are not providing any good service to God, mankind, themselves or anyone they will stop doing whatever it is they are doing and do something else. This may happen with the best and the blessed but the part of me that watches and learns knows that authentic examples of altruism, love and common sense are, these days, few and far between.

Most refuse to admit that what they are doing is no solution but is rather only further participation in the problem. Fear, laziness greed and apathy conspire to prevent many who do admit it from ever doing anything much about it.

What most disappointed me during the last election was that after revelations of ‘Dirty Politics‘, dodgy back room dealings and bare faced lies, large numbers of

apathetic kiwis were apparently so numbed and dumbed down that they voted for those charlatans anyway. I am the first to acknowledge that often at election time we are faced with the option of choosing between different brands of evil but voting for crooks only validates them.

Why were people so surprised that the first ever non-politician to run for President of the US won? Trump won because politics and politicians are dirty and people are sick of it. Here in New Zealand used car salesmen are considered more trustworthy than politicians and rightly so. But when did you last hear of a used car salesman getting a knighthood?

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said ‘first do no harm’. If people cannot learn from observing then they should refrain from experimentation as only harm can come of it.

One of the more obvious problems with the world is that most of those we call leaders and who assure us that they ‘know what they are doing’ are in fact ignorant children tinkering with complex machinery that they fail to understand. Equipped with only the moral equivalent of a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. No one should be surprised at the inevitable outcome of chaos and the breakdown of order.

You may remember where you have been but memory can be unreliable at best. You may think you know where you are going but presumption, assumption and expectation are almost always liars. The one thing you can know (and this too requires an honesty possessed by few) is where you are. Are you in heaven? Are you in hell? Are you simply another lost soul travelling an unmapped highway on a lonely planet heading goodness knows where? Wherever it is you happen to be, perhaps it’s time to ask ‘What the hell am I doing?’

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Why were people so surprised that the first ever non-politician to run for President of the US won? Trump won because politics and politicians are dirty and people are sick of it.

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