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Telltale signs of rosacea

Rosacea is a Latin word for roses. Poetic as this sounds, the reality is often embarrassing and painful.

There are different stages of rosacea, stage one starts with redness of the face – as in blushing and flushing that doesn't disappear – leaving your skin with visible red lines or patterns. Stage two also includes spots that can last days or even months. Stage three the spots become more obvious and painful.

Rosacea is a skin inflammation condition where your skin becomes very reactive. Oral antibiotics help with the healing of rosacea but are not a good long-term solution. It is important to identify what triggers your rosacea and to work with a skin therapist to control your Rosacea and gain good skin health.

Rosacea skin has a very compromised skin barrier function meaning it has minimal defence against inflammation threats. You can also help by avoiding foods that are likely to trigger inflammation. These heating foods are oranges, strawberries, chocolate, chilli, hot spices, curries,wasabi, alcohol, coffee and caffeine. Instead include in your diet fresh herbs, herbal teas, tahini, Medjool dates, and figs. Include a good quality essential fatty acid supplement to improve the oils in your skin therefore helping the acid mantle of your skin.

Your skin therapist can help you to identify the triggers of your Rosacea, environmental and/or diet. We can do clinic facials to soothe and calm your skin and put you on the right home care plan with products to use at home to continue to heal your skin. Once the Rosacea is under control the redness can then be treated with clinic treatments, like red vein treatments, to lessen the redness so that you can have a more even complexion.

Rosacea can be treated (it is not a quick fix) but if you are prepared to make some changes you can gain good skin health and not have to live with a permanent red flush.

n Alex Donald is owner of Pure Essence Face & Body Clinic and has worked in the beauty industry for 20 years. Online pureessence.co.nz.

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