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More consistent speed limits to improve safety through Kaiwaka



Kaiwaka credit flickrSids1 -406Changes to speed limits on State Highway 1 through Kaiwaka township will make it safer for residents and road users.

Following support and positive public feedback and consultation the NZ Transport Agency is introducing more consistent speed limits, which means there will be lower limits over a greater stretch of the highway.

“By introducing just one speed limit that is clearly signposted and doesn’t change part way through the township, it’s anticipated that motorists will understand what’s expected of them and are more likely to drive within the limits,” says Brett Gliddon, the Transport Agency’s System Design Manager.

From later this month there will be a new 60kmh speed limit from 285 metres northwest of Kaiwaka/Mangawhai Road to 300 metres south of Settlement Road.

This means the current 100kmh speed limit will be lowered to 60kmh over a length of 215 metres from the south side of the bridge to the north side of the bridge at the northern end of the township, and the current section of the road with a 70kmh speed limit will also be reduced to 60kmh. The area that is currently 50kmh will rise to 60kmh. This will help match the speed limits better with the urban boundaries of the township.

Following this change in speed limit a number of other improvements are being planned in the next few months.

Large signs and road markings will be installed on the road and roadsides at both ends of the town.

“Along with an electronic display this will help clearly signal and reinforce the drop in speed from 100kmh to 60kmh. Further signs will be installed every 500 metres to reinforce the reduced speed limit,” says Brett Gliddon.

A pedestrian refuge is also being built near the Italian Bakery to improve safety for pedestrians.

“We know that reducing speeds and improving safety is a top priority for the Kaiwaka community and the Transport Agency believes these changes will encourage motorists to drop their speeds.

“This will create a better balance in helping freight and commuter vehicles travel safely and efficiently through Kaiwaka without compromising the safety and amenity of local residents and will help enhance and support the goals of the Kaiwaka Township Improvement Plan.

Mr Gliddon adds that encouraging safer speeds and reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads is a top priority for the Transport Agency and in many cases the consequences of a crash can be significantly reduced or even completely avoided if drivers reduce their speeds.

CHANGE: New signs and a one speed limit will be introduced through Kaiwaka township. – PHOTO/flickr/Sids1

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