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Rockin’ fundraiser strikes chord with locals


21 MF-Hallconcert5-213An old country hall had its rafters rocked recently as a large crowd of music lovers raised the roof dancing the night away in order to collect cash for the buildings upkeep. 

Receiving rave reviews on social media, Hakaru Hall’s concert fundraiser on October 19 was deemed a rocking success, the event appearing to strike a chord with punters who collectively donated just over $1000 through ticket sales. 

Proceeds will go towards maintenance of the 93-year-old building which was established in 1926 and serves for a variety of events including balls, bands, large parties, meetings and gatherings. 

Local band ‘Hakaru Jam’ lead guitarist Dennis Reeve, who was instrumental in coordinating the concert, says the event’s success was due to community support and the abundance of talent from participants.

“We were treated to an almost seamless parade of musicians and friends for some excellent homegrown entertainment and fun,” he says. “From a low key beginning to a rocking-out night, reports have been all positive. There was a tremendous response from the community and everyone had a great time.”

Besides Hakaru Jam, musicians included The Fillins, Stephon Battour, Bent Copper, Mangawhai’s ukulele band ‘Totally Uked’, The Black Dog Collective, Earthly Delights, and The Flashbacks.

The event was made possible thanks to sponsors who provided support in many ways including ITM Mangawhai for stage materials, the Village Meat Shop, Wood Street Pizzeria, Tara Retreat Massage and the many individuals who donated items for the door prizes and raffles as well as giving generously of their time Dennis says. 

“A special thank you to everyone who filled the room and the stage and made the evening run so smoothly… to those who manned the door, the kitchen, the mops and brooms, setting up the table, the sound system and lighting, stage building and removal, poster design, printing, the barbecue... all the stuff that made the evening such a blast,” he says. “Let’s do it again soon!”

Mangawhai’s Totally Uked in full voice. Organisers are already planning a repeat of the event. PHOTO/CRAIG MCEWAN
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