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Kinesiology keeping you on track



Kinesiology. Heard that word before? Many people have but few know what it is. If you say you are a kinesiologist it could mean you do or practice any aspect of a range of techniques or methods in treating a wide range of ailments.

“Kinesiology is a gentle, holistic technique which combines therapeutic principles, to embrace every aspect of health and well-being. Many of our health problems can be explained as being due to an imbalance in our bodies,” says Kaiwaka kinesiologist Carolyn Hacker.

Whether the aim is to increase energy and vitality, promote well-being, reduce stress or pain, manage your emotions better, or even improve your performance at business, sport or learning, kinesiology can work for you.

The body is a system that works by energy. The key to kinesiology is muscle testing, which reveals energy flows throughout the body, identifies the underlying causes of problems, and indicates what is needed to help your body heal itself.

Developed in the early 60s by American chiropractor, Dr George Goodheart, muscle testing was initially used to evaluate muscle performance. However it has progressed and diversified as other benefits were achieved in its application into every field of life demonstrating its uniqueness in such diversity.

Everything connects to a ‘center’ and kinesiology does this through the human brain and body influenced by your natural energy system, thus all definitions of kinesiology contain this reference to the “movement of energy” and the kinesiologist works from this point of reference within the human body.

The source of energy is in understanding ourselves as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beings, explains Carolyn.

“In returning the body to health kinesiology can restore this by relieving stress, pain and ‘problems’ with conflicted relationships by promoting a stronger self-image and therefore greater self-confidence and peace of mind in matters of health, work and life.”

n Carolyn Hacker runs Kinesiology 21. Contact her on 021 049 9282.

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