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Bullying at MAZ
Police say they have been receiving increasing reports of bullying behavior between young people hanging out at Mangawhai Activity Zone’s skate park, with teenage boys and girls from 11 to 15-years-old involved in both verbal and physical fighting.

“Police were called to the Zone earlier this week after a fight broke out between two youths which appears to be mainly between local kids and out-of-towners,” Constable Dale Wewege says. “The bullying has been going on for a few months and has steadily got worse.”

Police would like parents to talk to their children and teenagers who visit MAZ about bullying behavior, tolerance of others and to help them find different ways of behaving.

Young drivers targeted
With the festive season fast approaching, police say they will be instigating more road blocks and random breath testing to make the streets safer, with two more officers joining the local force over the holiday period.

“We will also be targeting young drivers and checking licenses as there has been a number of unlicensed drivers pulled over recently,” Wewege says. “The first time a driver is caught without a license by police they will receive an infringement notice, but the second time their vehicle will be impounded and, if under 18, the driver will be referred to the Youth Court.”

Moped drivers must also have either a car or motorbike license or display ‘L’ plates if on a learner’s license.


Community patrol bus
Mangawhai’s community patrol has proved successful police say with a steady amount of reports coming in regarding suspicious vehicles and behavior.

“The intel from the patrol has been really good with several reports leading to investigations,” Wewege says. “The patrol is doing a great job.”

- REPORTING/ Julia Wade

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