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Life-changing adventure available again


Outward Bound questions-820A Mangawhai Club and Mangawhai Focus-sponsored scholarship is again available for two adventurers who are daring enough to take on the mind, body and soul challenge of Outward Bound.

Applications for the January 2017 scholarship are now open and Club associate and creator of the scheme, Colin Pierce, says he wants to emphasise that the scholarship is not just restricted to students.

“If you are in the age bracket of between 16–18 years, live in Mangawhai or have an association with the area, you are welcome to apply,” he says. “It’s important to specify that there are no boundaries and applicants may be young members of the workforce, not necessarily still at school.”

Helping people in the community is one of the objectives for The Club and with an Outward Bound survey revealing that 98 percent of attending youth feel they come away with a stronger self-belief, 96 percent saying the course had a positive effect on their lives, and one-in-three taking a leadership role once in the workforce, the scholarships align with The Club’s intentions.

Pierce says the survey also showed 80 percent of OB’s said their communication skills had improved.

“We’ve got proof of that. Our greenkeeper went to OB when he was too scared to talk to anybody at 16. Well, they certainly fixed that!”

The 21 days in the wilderness of the Marlborough Sounds includes a wide range of challenges like tramping, sailing, white-water kayaking, high-rope walks, solo camping, sleeping rough and pre-dawn wake up calls.

Pierce says The Club is ‘very proud of this year’s youngsters’ Alice Malyon and Morgan Gubb. The pair were once again in the limelight, recounting their experience in the Tasman ranges to a large audience enjoying dinner and drinks at the Club on September 23.

Pierce asked the two college seniors a range of questions including what attracted them to apply.

Alice said her father was the instigator as he said it would be a good opportunity to step up and do something new, while Morgan thought it would look good on his CV.

Highlights for Morgan included a 17 hour tramp over a mountain range while Alice described sailing across one of the Sounds as the sun set.

They both believe they have changed, physically and personally, ‘definitely got bigger’ Morgan says, and the experience has also helped with career paths.

“I’ve always wanted to be a paramedic,” Morgan says. “OB just strengthened that goal for me.”

Alice says she was unsure about a career but her experience obviously inspired as she applied immediately to study for a Bachelor of Sport Management at Massey University and also to be an Army officer, on her return.

When asked about any lows of the experience Morgan replied there was ‘nothing bad you can say about it’ although the 6am runs and vegetarian dinners came to mind as being a bit of a struggle. Alice said she found the high-rope challenges difficult as ‘I’m really bad with heights’.

However being challenged holistically is the whole idea of Outward Bound and both teenagers are strong advocates for the course.

“If you want the time of your life, new friends that last forever and to experience something new, then definitely sign up,” Alice says.

“It just pushes you, makes you so much better in every aspect,” Morgan says. “If you think you are at the top, you’re not… until you’ve been to Outward Bound.”

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n For a more in-depth story of Alice and Morgan’s experience see the August 22 issue of the Mangawhai Focus, available online.

Applicants are interviewed by the Youth Selection Panel, Chairman and lawyer Philip Smith, local pharmacist Yvette Urlich and architectural professor David Strachan.

Applications for the 2017 intake close in October 15. Application forms available from Mangawhai Club.

Joint sponsors of the scholarship are the Mangawhai Club and Mangawhai Focus.

POSITIVES: Alice and Morgan tell Club members of their Outward Bound adventures led by Club associate Colin Pierce.

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