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3rd October 2016 Issue


Fairy tern gets interest from bank staff

15 MF-BNZplanting2-82

Ed Said - What are we waiting for


Sewage leak gets noses out of joint

Isabel Hollis sewage fence-993

Your Questions Answered - New Council can begin  with confidence

The final meeting of the Kaipara District Council under governance by Commissioners was held last week. The meeting included adopting the Council’s Annual Accounts for the year ending 30 June 2016.



Lessons for Govt in Mangawhai rates win says Peters


Pic of the week a winner

Natasha Partridge image copy-798

Local JP’s offer important service

Though a recent arrival in Mangawhai, former paramedic and Justice of the Peace, Lindsay McCaw, learned that despite there being several other JPs in the area, locals were travelling to the Whangarei District Court to have essential documents signed.

Justices of the Peace-530

Northland metal band makes history

Northland metal band Alien Weaponry has won this year’s Smokefreerockquest on Saturday September 14 at Auckland’s Raye Freedman Centre, adding to their Smokefree Pacifica Beats win the night before – a first in the event’s history.
Alien Weaponry RQ 2 copy-211

New guard for Council services

Kaipara District Council has changed its supplier to monitor dog and stock, noise and parking regulations.

A unique joint tender arrangement with Whangarei District Council took place earlier this year and through this process Armourguard were awarded the contract, taking over from Monday September 12.

Thank you, Alma

We were admiring the views of the sand bund when we came across this lovely, generous mine of knowledge local - we think her name is Alma Reed. 

Alma Reed-475

Saddlery service for locals

Seeing a niche market to serve the local and growing horse and pony fraternity led Ruakaka horsewoman, Margie George, to set up Saddlery Direct providing feed, supplements, saddlery and clothing to horse people young and old.

Margie George-27

Education entrepreneurs have the answers

A breath of fresh air blew into the Mangawhai Golf Club last week in the form of Dr Deborah Lambie and partner David Cameron, co-founders of online NCEA student tutoring service LearnCoach.
LearnCoach couple at The Club-905

Life-changing adventure available again

A Mangawhai Club and Mangawhai Focus-sponsored scholarship is again available for two adventurers who are daring enough to take on the mind, body and soul challenge of Outward Bound.

Outward Bound questions-852

Worzels World - I Should Have Known Better

History shows that even if two Wrights make an aeroplane, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Regular readers will already know that since the dissolution by forced resignation of the elected Kaipara District Council in 2012 I have refused to give money to the illegitimate non-democratic organisation that currently occupies our public buildings in Dargaville. 

A life story with a difference

Mangawhai is quite prolific when it comes to published authors covering a wide range of subjects. Local Mum Juanita Ingham has recently released her ‘life’ story – thus far.

Juanita Ingham-294

Community Matters - Support local food producers, limit food waste

We are lucky in Northland to have growers or farmers markets in a number of locations. Locally we have Mangawhai market on Saturday mornings where a range of food, crafts and local produce is available.


Why have a facial?

Facials are for all different reasons, normally for a specific skin concern/condition or because you just want a good skin treatment with true relaxation in mind more for your general wellbeing.

Pure Essence Alex Donald-328

Gardening with Gael - Spring means Seeds vs Weeds

Every year I plan to liberally sprinkle Californian poppy seeds around at the end of winter or beginning of spring as the packets recommend. Most years I look in dismay as the Californian poppies bloom elsewhere.

Police Snippets

Contact police anytime - Speculation about the closure of small-town police stations have been floating around town lately,
Speed up, burglary down - Burglary rates are down around the regions of Mangawhai and Wellsford.
Man on the run - Police are still on the hunt for 39-year-old Whangarei man, Mark Fletcher, who has warrants out for his arrest.

New Life and Contradictions: Mangawhai art dazzles

Blazing colour and powerful thought-provoking images brightened up a wet evening recently, for those who attended the opening night of ‘Anti-Analog’, Mangawhai Artists Inc.’s latest exhibition.
15 MF-VickersGraham1-299

Letters to the Editor

Democracy a stitch-up - The commissioners are wasting no time in their last few months 
Election from ludicrous to serious - For me it is ludicrous to demand replacement of worn out infrastructure
Growth challenges for Mangawhai - For the Mangawhai Town Plan (MTP) project to be successful there needs to be community buy-in.
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