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Rebus - Heads FM: Goal has been to produce something different


It was earlier in the year members first welcomed broadcaster Mark Perry as a guest speaker and felt privileged to again have him present at their November meeting. 

Previously Mark spoke of his activities in beekeeping and on this occasion members were entertained with his recollection of experiences and ongoing commitment to the world of music and radio, the most recent recognition of which was a Services to Broadcasting Award at the NZ Radio Awards in May.

Mark recounted some of his activities whilst serving as a cadet trainee technician and how flatting with mates and weekend ‘entertainment’ was not conducive to studying or ensuring success in examinations to further his career. Eventually he was redeployed through the NZBC and entered the Programmes Department. Mark touched on some of the coverage this entailed, adding that his involvement concluded after being informed he ‘didn’t have a voice for radio’.

Overseas travel followed, during which time he met his wife-to-be and eventually returned to New Zealand. A number of private radio stations existed in NZ in the 1970’s having had the way paved by Radio Hauraki. Mark gave an amusing account of his induction into Radio Hauraki. Eventually he was offered the Sunday morning slot for which he selected the music and was given the opportunity to use a microphone. 

Following his experience with 1ZH in Hamilton, Mark went to Canada for two years. Not having a Canadian accent for radio broadcasting, he was engaged in writing copy. On returning to NZ Mark took up a position with Christchurch radio and remained there for eight years.

When John Hawkesby left Radio Hauraki, Mark was invited to re-join the station and took up a position with them. He gave Rebus members a little background into the situation Radio Hauraki faced at that time.

In 1996 Mark left Radio Hauraki and started a talent agency. In the year of the global financial crisis (2007/08), with a home in Mangawhai and his sights already set on introducing radio across the region, and with a free LPFM licence and sufficient background knowledge of radio transmission, Mark started broadcasting from a 1-watt station situated in Mangawhai Lodge. He commented on the development of the service, the peppercorn lease to access DOC land, and the successful bid to secure a 30-year frequency which saw Heads 106.4FM set-up with a coverage area from Marsden Point to Pakiri.

In answering questions, Mark highlighted some of the reasons as to why Heads FM is so well received adding that, whilst not perfect, the goal has been to create something a little different. He acknowledged the positive feedback from across the community, said radio has been an excellent career and he was now at a stage where he would like to spend more time travelling, so at some point will have to hang up the headphones.

Want to know more about Mangawhai Combined Rebus Club? Meet every third Thursday of the month in the Senior Citizens’ Hall, Fagan Place, Mangawhai Heads at 2pm. Visitors welcome. Contact Gaylene Lawrence 431 5617 or Beve Smith 431 5777 for more details.

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