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News in Brief


Kaipara water restrictions ease
After recent extreme weather events with a surge in rainfall, all water catchments across Kaipara District have returned to level 1. This means there are no restrictions on use. While water levels in rivers are moving closer to or have returned to expected levels, many bores and aquifers across the district take longer to recharge as the water must move through the ground.

Kaipara District Council is asking everyone to be mindful of water use over the coming months, as the lack of overall rainfall for 2020 may cause droughts again in 2020/2021.

Rebus club meets
Mangawhai Combined Rebus Club has finally met recently following lockdown restrictions. Speaker was former local John Dickie who has returned from North East India, updating members on the development of his and Rita’s property there.

John showed drone footage of the main city, and explained the situation in India with Covid-19.

The raffle was won by Terry Ballard. Rebus meets every third Thursday of the month. Contact David Foster on 0274 315 005 for more details.

Lambs wanted for school pet day
Mangawhai Beach School Animal Day 2020 has been confirmed for Wednesday October 14. Popular categories that will run include calves, lambs, chickens, goats and guinea pigs.

Ag animal coordinator Abby Meagher is looking for ‘lost’ lambs, and says there are several families whose children would love to raise a pet lamb for the school competition day. If you are expecting or currently have an orphaned or abandoned lamb that you don’t have time to raise, contact Abby on 021 468 195 or aganimals@mangawhaibeach.school.nz to match it with a local family.

New Mangawhai Artists committee
The recent Mangawhai Artists AGM has seen its latest committee voted in: Long-time local Mary-Anne Boyd is chairperson, Belinda Vernon deputy chair, Clare Wells (QSO) secretary, Wendy Leach web and social media manager, Raewyn Vague treasurer, Christine Den Hartogh as exhibition coordinator, Grant Mitchell development lead, and Grace Cheng as general consult.

Waipu skate park voting soon
Crucial community voting is about to take place to determine if Whangarei District Council will build a skate park at Waihoihoi River Park, Waipu, the only suitable site available. The site is close to shops and amenities, has parking and surveillance and is great for families. Other upgrades are planned should enough YES votes enable construction of the facility to go ahead. Mangawhai locals will appreciate how important a youth activity zone is.

Voting is Aug 6 (12pm-6pm) and Aug 8 (8am1pm) at the Waipu Presbyterian Church Hall.

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