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Police Snippets



19 MF-police1-259Police may know taggers
Property in Mangawhai was hit by vandals on the weekend of September 9-10, with taggers leaving their multi-coloured signature on a Northpower building, two Insley Street storage containers and a private fence on the corner of Cove Road and Hastie Drive.

A letterbox was also blown up along Mangawhai Road.

“We have an idea who the taggers are, they are not local,” Constable Dale Wewege says. “And we suspect they may have also been responsible or involved in the letterbox incident.”

On the same weekend, a moving car was hit by a paintball outside BeforeSix, the early education centre on Molesworth Drive. Police are following up on information from witnesses.

Stolen ute appears
A red 2003 Toyota ute stolen from a Hamilton address after a June burglary has turned up three months later in Mangawhai. Reported to local police on September 26, Constable Wewege says two suspects are currently being interviewed about the theft.


Mountain bike nicked
A 70-year-old woman’s Avanti mountain bike was stolen from Mangawhai Holiday Park, Moir Street, on September 16-17, described as fawn in colour with two iridescent orange trouser straps attached and ‘Australian University’ written on the frame. Contact police with any information.


Credit card details used
Constable Wewege says online credit card fraud is on the rise around the area, with one victim having nearly $9000 of purchases being added to their card.

“The perps have somehow had the opportunity to view the details of the card including the three digit number on the back before buying items online,” he says. “Please be vigilant of where you keep your cards especially when visitors and workers may come into your home.”


Court appearance for thief
A 25-year-old local man appeared in court on September 28 charged with the burglary of a Wintle Street property in July. A BBQ, TV, boxes of wine and top shelf liquor, totaling nearly $6000, were taken from the holiday home although police say they have yet to recover any of the stolen goods.

- By Julia Wade

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