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Police Snippets


Fatal crash
An early morning crash on State Highway One on June 15, has claimed the life of a local Mangawhai woman. Emergency services and police were called to the scene of the fatal head-on two car collision which happened south of Warkworth at 4.50am. One person was reported to have died at the scene and four others were treated for serious injuries. The highway was closed until 10am while emergency services extracted two people trapped in one of the vehicles and retrieved a car which had crashed down a roadside bank.

Caught on camera
Local business Raw Milk on Bagnal Road was struck by a thief on June 18. Security cameras captured a person breaking into the property at 2am and showed the individual making four trips to a car with armloads of assorted produce including milk, coconut oil, olive oil, curd and even the shop’s fan. Community Constable Dale Wewege says a 37-year-old local man has been identified, arrested and will face a burglary charge when he appears in court next week.

GAS hit again
Moir Street GAS station has been struck again. In the dark hours of June 20, someone broke into the outside shed and stole the station’s air compressor used to pump up tyres. Constable Dale Wewege says the CCTV footage will be looked at and the culprits identified.

Label valuables
Police urge people to take more care of their property in respect to labelling valuable and expensive items. Constable Dale Wewege advises to document serial numbers on items such as TVs, computers, ride-on mowers and even chainsaws. Keeping a record of possessions with serial numbers and photos can help the process of identifying and recovering stolen property. “Even engraving initials in an inconspicuous place on an item is a good way of identification, if stolen,” Wewege says. “It is good to prepare for the worst.”

Police car crashA police car was hit by a 4WD on June 10, as it was making a turn on Wood Street to pursue a speeding vehicle. No one was injured and the incident is being investigated. 

More thefts
From the Editor: Some time ago the Mangawhai Tracks Trust had a little bridge they installed on the Goldschmidt Track stolen. Maybe the same miserable person is responsible for stealing established trees from the Molesworth Drive plantings along the Community Park. If you see any suspicious activity please try and get a rego and let our local police know.

- REPORTING/Julia Wade

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